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Seven C’s Bracelet

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  • Format: Apparel & Accessories
  • Dimensions: 7.5"
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: All ages
  • SKU: 25-1-570
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This fossil bead and semi-precious stone bracelet is a great discussion starter and easy way to share your faith!


This stylish bracelet goes with anything and is a great discussion starter and easy way to share your faith! Enables the wearer to use the colored stones to share a quick summary of our need for salvation, beginning with creation and the fall in Genesis. Approximate length: 7.5" long.

Each stone represents one of the seven biblical events that have affected (and will affect) the world.

Creation — Tree Agate (green)
Corruption — Lava Rock (black)
Catastrophe — Sodalite (blue)
Confusion — Leopardskin Jasper (multi-color)
Christ — Glass Pearl (white)
Cross — Red Fossil Stone (red)
Consummation — Gold Czech Glass (gold)

Includes a gift box and insert explaining the Seven C’s of History and what each color represents.

Seven C’s of History

These items are based on the Seven C’s of History as displayed in the Creation Museum. The Seven C’s represent seven major events of history that are foundational to the Bible’s important message.

In the beginning God made a perfect Creation.
The first man, Adam, disobeyed the Creator. His sin brought death and Corruption into the creation.
Adam’s race became so wicked that God judged the world with a great Catastrophe—a global flood—saving only those on the Ark built by Noah.
When Noah’s descendants disobeyed God’s command to fill the earth, God brought Confusion on their language, forcing them to spread over the earth.
The Creator became a man, Jesus Christ, who obeyed God in everything, unlike the first man, Adam.
Jesus, the Messiah, died on the Cross to pay the penalty for mankind’s sin against God. He rose from the dead, providing life for all who trust in Him as Savior.
One day, at the Consummation, the Creator will remake His creation. He will cast out death and the disobedient, create a new heaven and new earth, and dwell eternally with those who trust in Him.

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