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Road Trip To Truth

Season 1

Featuring Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Nathan Busenitz, Dr. Mike Riccardi, Shai Linne, and Tom Hammond; Hosted by John Fabarez
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Get ready to go on an intelligent, respectful, powerful journey across college campuses to confront the issues of evolution, depression, the reliability of the Bible, logical fallacies, the existence of God, and truth itself. 2-DVD Set, 13 episodes, 30 minutes each



From Todd Friel and Wretched TV! Host John Fabarez spoke to nearly 200 thoroughly misguided and confused students on college campuses about evolution, depression, the Bible, logical fallacies, God, and truth itself. Then he debriefed with various experts, such as Dr. Jason Lisle and Mike Riccardi.

35 million Evangelical youth are predicted to walk away from the church by 2050. This high-energy DVD series is designed to reach your kids and grandkids. It shows them that answers to life’s biggest questions are never that far off.

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