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Question & Answer Pack

Written by Ken Ham and Dr. John Morris
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Over 400 questions on creation/evolution & Genesis with easy to understand answers.

What’s Included $35 value

  • Is the Big Bang Biblical?

    Easy-to-read short answers, this book tackles many of the questions concerning science and Christianity that are vital to today’s society. Answering 100 questions, it will be a welcome complement to the library of every Christian faced with questions involving science, faith, and the accuracy of the Bible.

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  • Did Adam Have a Bellybutton?

    Ken Ham’s popular question-and-answers book. Over 150 questions on creation/evolution and Genesis with easy-to-understand answers for young people and their parents.

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  • Did Eve Really Have an Extra Rib?

    150 more of the most-asked questions and their answers. Concise but powerful answers, written in the same easy-to-read format that made Did Adam Have a Bellybutton? such a big seller.

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