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Plush - Mastodon

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  • Format: Gift
  • Dimensions: 14.5" x 8.75"
  • Ages: All ages
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Cuddle up with this exclusive and adorable plush toy. Includes teaching about the Mammutidae kind that went on the ark and serves as a reminder that the species we have today are descended from the original created kinds God made during creation week.


What Are Animal Kinds?

Mastodons were large animals of the family Mammutidae, now presumed extinct. Looking very similar to elephants and mammoths of the family Elephantidae, it is unknown if the two families represented separate kinds of were together part of one big kind.

God created animals according to their kinds. Two of every kind (seven pairs of some) of land-dwelling, air-breathing animals went on the ark. After the flood, many species formed from these original kinds because of the incredible genetic variability God built into each one.

Animals are considered the same kind if they can breed together. In most instances, "kind" is equivalent to "family" in our modern classification system.


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