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PLP: Elementary World History - You Report! PDF

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  • Length: 200 pages
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Grade: 4 - 6
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This Elementary World History curriculum guide contains homeschool materials for use with the Big Book of History, Noah's Ark: Thinking Outside the Box book and DVD.


Parent Lesson Planner Quick Overview

  • Weekly Lesson Schedule
  • Student Worksheets
  • Quizzes and Test
  • Answer Key

Elementary World History

  • 1 Year History
  • 4th-6th Grade

Features: Each suggested weekly homeschool schedule has three easy-to-manage lessons which combine reading, worksheets, and vocabulary-building opportunities including an expanded glossary for each book. Designed to allow your student to be independent, materials in this resource are divided by section so you can remove quizzes, tests, and answer keys before beginning the coursework. As always, you are encouraged to adjust the schedule and materials as needed in order to best work within your educational program.

Workflow: Students will read the pages in their book and then complete each section of the study guide worksheets. Tests are given at regular intervals with space to record each grade. Younger students may be given the option of taking open book tests.

Lesson Scheduling: Space is given for assignment dates. There is flexibility in scheduling. For example, the parent may opt for a M-W schedule rather than a M, W, F schedule. Each week listed has five days but due to vacations the school work week may not be M-F. Simply adapt the days to your school schedule. As the student completes each assignment, he/she should put an “X” in the box.

Course Description

Children will travel the world in the comfort of their own homes. Through this Elementary World History course, students experience a wondrous global journey within the pages of the Big Book of History, encountering places and people from around the world. This full-color, visually engaging book provides a dual purpose as an elementary curriculum and as valued reference tools.

Big Book of History

Families and students can unfold 15 feet of the most interesting history of the world. This new, easy-to-follow, color-coded, multi-stream timeline teaches all six thousand years of world history to children and adults! In addition to the biblical chronology, these illustrated facts and so much more wait inside.


  • Who the first emperors of China and Rome were
  • What archeological find unlocked the secrets of a forgotten language
  • How modern robotics had its roots in the tea dolls of Japan
  • Where Christians faced death for the entertainment of thousands
  • How the Age of Discovery meant wealth for some, and the destruction of civilization of others
  • The 969-year-old man who shared the true history of the world with Noah
  • The first ancient inventions and discoveries of chocolate, yo-yos, batteries, movies, and more!


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