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Operation Arctic VBS: Main Set Drama Scene Setter


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Non-returnable item.

  • Format: Poster
  • Dimensions: 315" x 86"
  • Ages: All ages
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2017
  • SKU: 11-5-122
  • ISBN: 9781626916067
  • UPC:

Display this large scene setter at the front of your assembly area to set the mood of Operation Arctic and to use with the daily drama. Showcases the interior of a cabin and exterior Arctic scenery. Separate the cabin from the scenery on either side of your stage, and use the Mountain Scene Setter (11-5-123) behind these pieces to add dimension to your set. Set of 10 panels. Each panel is approx. 62 1/2 x 42 1/4 in (1590 mm x 1074 mm). Total size approx. 26ft x 7 ft. Shipped in rolls. Not returnable.


To display your scene setters, simply mount each panel to cardboard or foam sheets using spray adhesive, clear packing tape, staples, or mounting putty. Attach the cardboard to jack stands. Or mount them directly to the wall by applying strips of painter’s tape to the wall, adding double-sided tape over the painter’s tape, and attaching the scene setter to the double-sided tape.

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