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Kids' Gift Bundle

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A Christ-centered gift bundle for the children in your life! God-honoring gifts to bless your kids or grandkids and also save you time and money. Substitutions of equal or greater value may apply.

What’s Included $89 value

  • The Door of Salvation

    This fun book for kids teaches how the Ark had only one door that Noah's family and the animals could enter in to be saved from the flood. Our personal salvation is found through a single door as well, which is Jesus. Previously titled, "A Special Door."

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  • Ark Encounter Coloring Book

    Unleash your imagination! This unique coloring book includes 17 intricate and captivating designs featuring hidden arks throughout the pages. Bring each page to life with your own vibrant colors and fuel your creativity. Display your masterpieces with convenient one-sided printing on each page!

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  • Buddy’s Crazy True-Life Adventures

    In this book, Buddy, the Creator-honoring adventurer, gathers his readers around an imaginary campfire and shares one incredible story after another. And each one actually happened! Give Buddy’s Crazy True-Life Adventures to family and friends, and get one for yourself too!

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  • My Giant Created Kinds Mix and Match Card Game

    This mix and match card game allows a fun way to match up "two of a kind" creatures. But watch out for that crazy Sillysmilus. It's a one of a kind creature and will try to lose the game for you! 70 cards.

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  • My Giant Dinosaur Coloring Book

    Once you understand what the Bible has to share, use crayons or markers to color, cut & create your own dinosaurs. There 47 of them inside!

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  • The Wild Brothers: Welcome to Our World

    Give your kids a truly Christian worldview as they experience creation like never before! Get ready to meet these four modern-day missionary kids as they adventure far into God's creation and discover the rich wildlife of the jungle of a remote Pacific island.

    Discussion & activity guide included FREE!

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  • Buddy Davis' Amazing Adventures: Swamp Man!

    FREE poster and digital discussion guide included with DVD! Join adventurer Buddy Davis and discover amazing animals of the everglades! Kids will be spellbound as they learn about God's design in animals of the Florida swamp lands and everglades. Learning Creation truths have never been so much fun.

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  • Flood Card Set

    A series of five captivating, colorful, and informative collector cards giving evidence for the global flood of the Bible and its results. Unique witnessing tools!

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