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The Great Jungle Journey VBS: Super Starter Kit + Digital Pro

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  • Format: Curriculum Kit
  • Dimensions:
  • Ages: All ages
  • Published: 2024
  • SKU: 12-1-191
  • ISBN:
  • UPC: 881994010721

Start planning your 2024 VBS now! This Super Starter Kit with Music and VBS Digital Pro includes all the basics you need to plan an amazing VBS, plus more. Easily register students and volunteers, customize your registration forms, send reminder emails, download your data, and more.

Digital Pro contains all the hundreds of pages of valuable content of The Great Jungle Journey leader and teacher guides in an easy-to-read digital format that you can access on all of your devices. Check your kit upon arrival for information on accessing your digital resources! Prepare to swing into fun as you head out on a jungle adventure! Super Starter Kit also available. Compare VBS Kits.

Devices not included.


Digital Resources

VBS Digital Pro contains the following products in an easy-to-read digital format that you can access on all of your devices.

  • Director Guide
  • Assembly Guide
  • Drama Video
  • Junior Teacher Guide
  • Primary Teacher Guide
  • Pre-Primary Teacher Guide
  • Toddler Teacher Guide
  • Canopy Cafe Guide
  • Rainforest Recreation Guide
  • Tree-mendous Science and Crafts Guide
  • Travelers’ Mission, Music, and Memory Verse Guide
  • Digital Resources content
  • ALL music options—both contemporary and traditional music videos and MP3s
  • Special Needs Supplement
  • Teaching posters (memory verse for all ages, teacher illustrations, Animal Pals)
  • Decoration Posters
  • The 7 C's of History video by Bodie Hodge

Super Starter Kit Components

It’s a jungle out there! At The Great Jungle Journey, kids will sail along on a fun jungle cruise, stopping at seven ports of call–the 7 C’s of History: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation. Kids will discover how each of these events has shaped and will shape our world, and they will learn to reconnect the Bible to their everyday lives.

Prepare to swing into fun as we head out on The Great Jungle Journey!

For Leaders

All guides contain ESV Scripture quotations.

  • Resource Download Link – Features all the printable resources found throughout the leader guides, promotional and recruitment videos, clip art, logos, presentation images, and more!
  • Director Guide
  • Assembly Guide
  • Canopy Cafe Guide
  • Rainforest Recreation Guide
  • Tree-mendous Science and Crafts Guide
  • Travelers’ Mission, Music, and Memory Verse Guide
  • Staff Appreciation Postcard
  • Access to MyAnswers.com
  • Rotation signs (set of 8)
  • Stamp set

Promotional Helps

  • Promotional poster (22x17)
  • Promotional flier (8.5x11)
  • Save the Date postcard
  • Invitation postcard
  • Closing program postcard
  • Volunteer recruitment flyer
  • Promotional business cards
  • Bulletin insert
  • Door hanger

For Teachers

All teacher guides contain ESV Scripture quotations but are easily adaptable to other Bible versions. 1 teacher guide for each of the following age groups:

  • Junior (ages 9–12)
  • Primary (ages 6–9)
  • Pre-Primary (ages 4–6)
  • Toddler (ages 2–4)
  • Animal Pal Posters (1 set)
  • Memory Verse Posters (1 set for each age group) – ESV on one side and KJV on the other
  • Teaching Posters (1 set for each age group)

For Students

  • 1 Student Guide for each age group (ESV)
  • 1 Junior/Primary Adventure Journal (ESV)
  • 1 Pre-Primary/Toddler Adventure Journal (ESV)
  • Cruise the 7 C’s booklet
  • How Can I Become a Child of God? booklet (ESV)
  • Visitor Appreciation Certificate
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Happy Birthday postcard
  • Thanks for Coming postcard
  • Praying for You postcard
  • Growing Up in God’s Family booklet (ESV)
  • Exploring God’s Word booklet
  • Big Questions Cards
  • Wristband
  • Photo frame
  • Water bottle
  • Cube keychain
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Name button
  • Bookmark samples (2)
  • Magnet puzzle
  • Notepads
  • Scratch art mask set
  • Foam toy
  • Fabric kid's backpack
  • Coin set
  • 7 C’s Wordless Book
  • 7 C’s map and sticker set

Great Music

  • All-in-one Music Leader Download – Contemporary AND traditional theme music and memory verse! Contains lyric videos, hand motion videos, MP3s, printable lyrics, presentation images, and more! This is your one-stop download for all your music needs.
  • Sheet Music – features both contemporary AND traditional music

Exciting Extras

  • Helper Handbook
  • Name tag & lanyard
  • Sticker sample (2)
  • Logo button (2.25 in.)
  • Iron-on patch
  • Latex balloon
  • Tubular bandana
  • T-shirt

Children's Hunger Fund

  • Children's Hunger Fund Info Pack

The kit includes one of each item to get started, additional items available for purchase as needed.

Start planning your 2024 VBS today! This Super Starter Kit includes everything listed here. Compare VBS Kits.

See all The Great Jungle Journey Resources.

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