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Jonathan Park Vol. 2: No Looking Back


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  • Format: CD Set
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 312 minutes
  • Technicality: Children
  • Ages: 5 and up
  • Publisher: Creation Works
  • Published: 2006
  • SKU: 20-5-095
  • ISBN:
  • UPC:

Building on the fossil-digging explorations of Volume I, Jonathan Park and his family pursue new dreams: excavating a dinosaur graveyard, exploring a giant cave, and running a creation museum.


Tune in to listen to the continuing adventures of the Park and Brenan families. Captivating for listeners of all ages while it teaches the truth of biblical, six-day creation. Each adventure is based on real places and scientific discoveries!

No Looking Back, Volume II of the Jonathan Park Audio Adventure, includes twelve thrilling episodes:

  1. Bone of Contention: Part I

    Dr. Kendall Park and his family are trapped inside the Hidden Cave and must fight for survival! Meanwhile, the credit for Dr. Park’s fossil discovery, which earlier had cost him his job, is being claimed by an old friend.
  2. Bone of Contention: Part II

  3. Showdown at Twin Bridges: Part I

    The Brenan and Park families are spending a fun weekend on the Buchanan’s dude ranch. Unfortunately, Dillon Buchanan has a chip on his shoulder and his mean pranks put Jonathan’s life in danger!
  4. Showdown at Twin Bridges: Part II

  5. Mysterious Stranger

    A dangerous arsonist escapes from the Sheriff near Brenan Ranch. Suddenly, a homeless man shows up at the museum construction site and offers his help. Is this mysterious stranger the escaped arsonist?
  6. Long Road Home

    Jessie is filled with excitement when Bonnie gives her “Dusty,” the tan Appaloosa. But when Bonnie, Jessie, Martha, and Katie take the one thousand-mile, all-girls’ road trip to get the horse back home, everything seems to go wrong!
  7. Cry from Cyberspace

    After a diabetic episode, eight-year-old Ashley awakes to find herself locked inside a strange room with only a computer. The Eagle’s Nest Gang receives her stray e-mail, and now it’s up to them to find her before her blood-sugar drops too low again!
  8. The Talking Picture

    Artist Riley Sievers is helping Benjamin work on an invention when suddenly, he disappears! While police suspect Riley’s kidnapping is connected to his father’s campaign for Governor, the Eagle’s Nest Gang search for Riley and the truth.
  9. Mystery at McBane Manor: Part I

    When Rusty plays an elaborate prank that backfires, he and the Park and Brenan families are stuck in a big, scary mansion that holds secrets about the strange disappearance of Elizabeth McBane in 1902!
  10. Mystery at McBane Manor: Part II

  11. The Blazing Star: Part I

    Days before the grand opening celebration for the museum, the Parks are being framed for a crime they didn’t commit. Meanwhile, the museum is being threatened by an environmental group that could force them to close the doors before they ever open!
  12. The Blazing Star: Part II


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