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Jonathan Park: Call of the Exodus Series MP3 CD

4-CD Audio Set

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On the heels of discovering Joseph’s empty tomb, God opens another exciting door for Jonathan and his friends as they join a new archaeological team in Kahun.


Join Jonathan Park and his friends on an opportunity of a lifetime!

On the heels of discovering Joseph’s empty tomb, God opens another exciting door for Jonathan and his friends as they join a new archaeological team in Kahun. Fascinating clues emerge that unlock the mysteries of the Exodus right before their eyes! The jaw-dropping evidence is too compelling to be a “coincidence” – small burial boxes, plague pits, ancient Egyptian writings, priceless artifacts, and a papyrus that reads a lot like the 12 plagues in the Bible! But Damon Maddox’ plot to derail this groundbreaking expedition has now been elevated to a whole new level.

4-CD Set. Each CD includes three 26-minute episodes.

Science Topics

  • Evidence of Exodus
  • Burial Boxes
  • Evidence of Biblical Plagues
  • The Red Sea

Faith-Building Takeaways

  • Hearing God’s Voice (John 10:27-28)
  • Prayer in Our Time of Need (Hebrews 4:16)
  • Waiting on the Lord (Isaiah 40:31)
  • God's Sovereignty (Job 42:2)

CD Albums

Prophet of Destiny: Jonathan and his friends venture south to Kahun to search for evidence of the Exodus. Along the road, they stumble onto the head of a statue uncovered by a sandstorm! Could this be another puzzle piece that aligns with the Biblical account of Moses? …and it doesn’t end there What the team discovers during a later excavation is about to rock the archaeological community! But little do they know that Damon Maddox is more determined than ever to stop them in their tracks So far, he’s just been protecting his professional reputation But now it’s become personal!

Heart of Stone: Thanks to a persistent reporter, another layer of Damon Maddox’ sinister plot has just been exposed. Things really get dicey when Jonathan can’t reach his father following an ominous interruption to their phone call With Dr Cameron’s concern of a notorious terrorist, should Jonathan go back to Avaris to see if his Dad is ok? Meanwhile, the crew in Kahun continues to discover new evidence for the biblical plagues… but have they now become the new target for Maddox’ accomplice? And with recently discovered priceless treasures, has their site become even more enticing for this dangerous thug to show up even sooner?

The King's Curse: The drive to Cairo takes a sudden turn for the worse as the team’s Jeep quickly loses control! What was it that suddenly caused their tire to blow out? Is someone after Jonathan and his friends? Or is he after the box of priceless artifacts they’re transporting? ….or both? Meanwhile, amid fascinating skeleton discoveries back at the dig site, Dr Cameron faces his own unexpected calamity! But with Damon Maddox as the only one nearby, does he have any hope of getting the help he needs? After a series of wild and startling events, the kids learn how important it is to be cautious about who you trust.

The Daunting Passage: The plot thickens when Jonathan and Jessie stumble onto Hakim buying stolen artifacts outside a trailer in Avaris. Managing to stay out of site, they listen in and watch from a distance But when they see who Hakim is buying them from, they can hardly believe their eyes! How could this be? There must be a reasonable explanation! Little do they know that there’s a very risky plan being played out to get to the top of the entire ring of thieves! A “new deal” is struck that could lead to a meeting with Hakim’s boss, but there’s one condition – the newly discovered papyrus must be handed over the next day!


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