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Jonathan Park Vol. 10: The Journey Home


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  • Format: CD Set
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 300 minutes
  • Technicality: Children
  • Ages: 5 and up
  • Publisher: Creation Works
  • Published: 2015
  • SKU: 20-5-186
  • ISBN: 9781941510285
  • UPC:

Join the Creation Response Team as they find themselves in a seemingly never-ending series of catastrophes that threaten to close Hidden Cave, Brenan Bluffs Dinosaur Graveyard, and the Museum forever!


While traveling around the world and sharing the message of Creation, the Creation Response Team encounters a series of setbacks, convincing them that it’s time to return to their roots and head back to Brenan Ranch. But once home, they discover a sinister plot to destroy it all!

Twelve Adventurous Episodes

  • Episodes 109-110. Isle of No Return: Parts I & II

    The Creation Response Team accepts a challenge to a competition with the Explorer’s Society, which pits their creation worldview against this evolutionary team at an undisclosed location. But will the CRT’s snap decision lead them to victory, or defeat, as they fight to stay alive on Snake Island?
  • Episodes 111-112. Return to Abiquiu: Parts I & II

    When the Park and Brenan Families return home, they discover that Brenan Ranch has begun to fall apart from a lack of attention in their long absence. They realize that their most critical CRT mission is now to save the very foundation of their ministry. But an old enemy (Derek Dilts) recruits a partner to thwart their efforts. Will they succeed?
  • Episodes 113-114. Rescue at Cerro Pedernal: Parts I & II

    Inattention to the museum and many mysterious problems leads to a drastic drop in attendance. In an effort to draw visitors back, the CRT decides that they need to add some new attractions at Brenan Ranch. Unfortunately, when Derek’s men sabotage a helicopter, Timmy Sherman’s life is hanging by a thread after a narrow escape from a dangerous crash on a nearby mesa.
  • Episodes 115-116. Passage into the Deep: Parts I &II

    While a remnant of the CRT is fighting a fire that threatens Brenan Bluffs Dinosaur Graveyard, the Eagle’s Nest Gang discovers a new passage in Hidden Cave that leads Jonathan, Kendall, and Angela on an exciting underground scuba dive adventure.
  • Episodes 117-118. Midnight at Brenan Ranch: Parts I & II

    Derek Dilts and his partners execute a plan that traps visitors in Hidden Cave leading to a night of terror. Meanwhile, the Eagle’s Nest Gang gets caught while discovering the plan to bring down Brenan Ranch. But will they be able to escape in time to save the ranch?
  • Episodes 119-120. Danger Along the Chama: Parts I & II

    Jessie and her friend Jenny get lost on a horseback ride to Abiquiu Reservoir. But while the rest of the team looks for the missing girls, will Derek Dilts be able to carry out his plot to destroy Abiquiu – and ruin the CRT’s last chance to save the museum?

Includes 12 episodes on 4 compact discs. Total playing time over 5 hours.


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