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Jonathan Park Vol. 8: The Copper Scroll


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  • Format: CD Set
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 312 minutes
  • Technicality: Children
  • Ages: 5 and up
  • Publisher: Creation Works
  • Published: 2013
  • SKU: 20-5-167
  • ISBN:
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Join the Creation Response Team for a heart-racing archaeological treasure hunt that will uncover ancient artifacts from Bible times and reveal exciting testimonies to God's amazing creation and His inerrant Word!


A real artifact discovered in the caves alongside the Dead Sea Scrolls seems to contain the locations of more than sixty ancient treasures. Jonathan, Kendall, Jim, and Jessie are joined by archeologist, Ian Dawson, and their faithful guide, Akiva as they uncover the trail to this real-life mystery which has stumped archeologists for more than fifty years. Follow the team as they get closer to the treasure and face opposition on every side — even ... Myles Morgan! Join an archeological expedition that will uncover ancient artifacts left behind by the events of the Bible, in Jonathan Park and The Copper Scroll!

Twelve Adventurous Episodes

  • Episodes 85-86. The Mysterious Artifact of Qumran: Parts I & II

    The Copper Scroll appears to reference a second scroll that contains important clues about where vast treasures are hidden. While visiting the Dead Sea Caves, Jonathan discovers an inscription that may lead the Creation Response Team to that second scroll. Meanwhile, Jim finds himself at a loss while debating a member of the "Free Thinkers Society."
  • Episodes 87-88. Quest for the Second Copper Scroll: Parts I & II

    The hunt for the second scroll has led the CRT to the Old Testament city of Jericho. There they find compelling evidence that refutes past archeological assertions about the historical inaccuracy of the Bible. But as Jonathan and the others get closer to the second scroll, they learn not everyone is happy about their work. A group of self-proclaimed priests, the B'nai Essenes, have vowed to stop the CRT at any cost.
  • Episodes 89-90. The King Who Helped the Habiru: Parts I & II

    The British Museum houses some of the most exciting tablets ever discovered, and some of those tablets may help decipher the Copper Scroll. But when one of the Amarna tablets is stolen, the museum blames Jonathan, Kendall, Akiva, and Ian—and denies them further access to the museum's artifacts. Who is behind these thefts? And why does Myles Morgan seem to be secretly tailing the team?
  • Episodes 91-92. Treasure of Shechem: Parts I & II

    The Copper Scroll has led the CRT to the biblical city of Shechem where they are investigating the Tomb of Joseph and Jacob’s Well. But the B’nai Essenes are close behind! Meanwhile, the team’s public support begins to wane as people grow impatient waiting for the treasure’s discovery. Can Jonathan and company unlock the mystery before support runs out?
  • Episodes 93-94. Trial by Fire: Parts I & II

    Throughout the team's expedition, various artifacts have been disappearing from archeological sites. While working at Mount Nebo, yet another robbery occurs. As they pursue the thief, Jonathan, Kendall, and Akiva get lost in the Negev desert and caught in a sand storm. When they awake, they learn some unexpected secrets about the Copper Scroll.
  • Episodes 95-96. Operation Gezer: Parts I & II

    It turns out that Myles Morgan has been secretly tailing the team from the very beginning. Now he’s ready to reveal his plan! After kidnapping Jonathan and the others, Myles leads the CRT on an unexpected journey that ends in an action-packed showdown at the biblical city of Gezer. Jim "faces off" with Dr. Maxwell in an internationally televised debate in Israel. Who will win?


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