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Jonathan Park Vol. 7: The Voyage Beyond


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  • Format: CD Set
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 312 minutes
  • Technicality: Children
  • Ages: 5 and up
  • Publisher: Creation Works
  • Published: 2010
  • SKU: 20-5-158
  • ISBN:
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In The Voyage Beyond, Jonathan Park and the Creation Response Team will explore the unusual creatures of the sea in an underwater adventure, as well as the wonders of the heavens in an exciting flight into space.


In Jonathan Park and The Voyage Beyond, Jonathan and the Creation Response Team meet an eccentric philanthropist-explorer named Alexander DeMarcus. Mr. DeMarcus appears to have a passion for marine life, exploring the ocean depths with his experimental electromagnetic submarine, The Manta. At first the CRT joins forces with Mr. DeMarcus, excited to learn more about God’s amazing creatures beneath the sea. But the team soon realizes that this mysterious explorer has something even bigger in mind. Discover his incredible secret in Jonathan Park and the Voyage Beyond!

Twelve Adventurous Episodes

  • Episodes 1-2. The Creature of Cape Cod: Parts I & II

    The Creation Response Team is called upon to examine a plesiosaur that has washed ashore in Cape Cod. When they get there, they find another mysterious creature that seems to have the locals living in fear. The CRT decides to investigate, but what they discover about the creature leads them into a voyage beyond their wildest imagination!
  • Episodes 3-4. Journey to  a Thousand Fathoms: Parts I & II

    The Creation Response Team joins their eccentric host, Alexander DeMarcus, aboard the electromagnetic submarine The Manta as they embark to study the mysteries of the deep. But will they be able to survive the attack of a giant squid? And why would Alexander allow The Manta to drift into the dangerous waters and extreme temperatures of a volcanic vent?
  • Episodes 5-6. Recesses of the Deep: Parts I & II

    The Manta heads back to sea, this time to explore an old shipwreck site. Join the Creation Response Team as they investigate the hidden mysteries of the deep and test new undersea technology. But the real secret seems to lie deep in the heart of Alexander DeMarcus.
  • Episodes 7-8. The Race for Space: Parts I & II

    As The Manta speeds back to base, the Creation Response Team confronts Alex DeMarcus about his real motivations and discovers a plot that runs much deeper than they realized. Join the CRT as they learn that their voyage into the deep was only to prepare them for an even bigger adventure!
  • Episodes 9-10. Preparing for Flight: Parts I & II

    Join the Creation Response Team as they train for one of the most exiting missions of all time: a trip into the great beyond! As part of their mision, they will be competing against another team to compete the first spacewalk. But, unbeknownst to the CRT, they are also being opposed by their greatest enemy.
  • Episodes 11-12. Pilgrimage of the Speedwell: Parts I & II

    Their rival has already launched, and now the Creation Response Team must move fast to catch up. Join the team as they - and the astronauts from ExNihilo - propel the Speedwell into space and begin an exciting journey that ends in danger during a sabotaged spacewalk! Will they win the competition? Will the CRT even make it back to earth?


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