International Spy Academy VBS: VBS Web Manager Access

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  • Format: Software
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: All ages
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2013
  • SKU: 11-2-014

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  • International Spy Academy VBS: VBS Web Manager Access (PDF - 0.9 MB)
    for any device with Adobe Reader.

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Download Help

This is your online connection to easy registration for kids and volunteers. With our VBS Web Manager, registration and record-keeping is a breeze!

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VBS Manager features

Check out some of the great features below and start managing!

  • Completely customizable student and worker registration forms with no limit on the number or names of fields.
  • Student registration form automatically allows fast registration of multiple students in the same family without having to fill out information twice.
  • Beautiful public VBS homepage with an easy to remember URL complete with a map to your church, dynamic display of information, customizable descriptions, and easy to find buttons for registration.
  • Manage your students and workers by assigning them to classes and roles.
  • Set up your classes before registration opens and you can have your registered students get automatically assigned to classes for you, just to save you some time.
  • Print-friendly and Excel export of all your student and worker data.
  • Enter student registration information from within the manager and edit your students individually.
  • Create your schedule and assign your classes and workers to locations and activities.
  • Print out schedules for each of your classes and locations.
  • Automatically get a recommended task list for planning your VBS, customize it, and check off your todos.


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