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Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America

Written by Joaquin Fernandez and Colin Gunn
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  • Length: 102 minutes
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Gunn Productions
  • Published: 2011
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If you’re not ready to take a hard look at the true state of public education, you will not want to view this unflinching documentary. But you must!



This film is above all a challenge and an encouragement to millions of Christians, a must see!

A family field trip exposes the shocking truth behind your child’s public school. If you’re not ready to take a hard look at the true state of public education, you will not want to view this unflinching documentary. But you must!

Nearly 90 percent of Christian children attend a public school. Their families have a vested interest in all that happens there. Join filmmaker Colin Gunn as cameras follow this Scotland-born homeschool father of seven across the USA. Colin and family drive a school bus on a road trip from New York City to Washington, DC, from Boston to the Creation Museum, on a quest to understand the origins and social impact of American’s modern public education system. Are the public schools an educational “neutral zone,” or a humanistic program designed to undermine the influence of the Church and the family? Is there truth to the “salt and light” argument that encourages Christians to send their kids to public school?

Featuring compelling interviews with teachers, administrators, parents, and other whistleblowers, this film is part documentary, part testimonial, and totally captivating. Above all it is both an encouragement and challenge to the millions of Christians who need to know what God’s Word says about the discipleship and training of the next generation. You will want to give this DVD to every parent you know.


Samuel Blumenfeld, Geoffrey Botkin, Scott Brown, Col. John Eidsmoe, John Taylor Gatto, Ken Ham, Sarah LaVerdiere, Neal McCluskey, Michael Metarko, E. Ray Moore, Gary North, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Doug Phillips, Howard Phillips, Karl Priest, Bruce Shortt, R.C. Sproul, Jr., Kevin Swanson, Herb Titus, Robert Ziegler, Voddie Baucham and many more!

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…EVERY parent should watch this video. Watch the trailer—and then I urge you to get this video into the hands of every parent. As well as many others, I am also featured in this eye opening hard hitting very needed documentary that exposes public education for what it is really doing to our kids.

—Ken Ham, President/CEO of Answers in Genesis

The Christian community needed to hear this message years ago and it's so great that you are delivering it!

—M. B.


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