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In God We Trust

Why Biblical Authority Matters for Every Believer

Written by Steve Ham; Foreword by Ken Ham
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  • Format: epub, mobi
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  • Length: 224 pages
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Master Books
  • Published: 2010
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Steve Ham gets to the heart of why biblical authority matters. A commitment to the Creator’s authority inevitably impacts virtually every aspect of our daily Christian living—family, worship, the way we do church, and even how we evangelize.


Do you know why you believe in Christ?

If challenged by a skeptic, would you be able to give a satisfying answer? We must grasp actual reasons that matter in our lives. It’s not just about defending the faith, or even simply about winning the lost. It is about an intimately personal worship of a God we can truly call Father.

Steve Ham gets to the heart of why biblical authority matters, how it is displayed in God’s character, and how that authority must impact our daily Christian lives. True commitment to the Creator’s loving authority inevitably impacts us to the core, and helps us in such diverse areas as; family, worship, the way we view and interact at church, and even how we share the Good News of Christ's redeeming love with others!

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I really appreciate Steve Ham’s dedication to equipping Christians with the truth and this book is an excellent resource... If you’ve ever had a question about the authenticity or authority of the Bible, In God We Trust by Steve Ham is a ‘must-read.’ If you give this book a thoughtful and thorough examination I’m sure you'll agree and recommend it to every Christian you know.

—Kristine M., Kristine Remixed

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