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How Do We Know the Bible Is True?

Basic Christian Beliefs Explained!

Featuring Brian H. Edwards
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  • Format: DVD Set
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  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2008
  • SKU: 40-1-263
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Featuring British theologian Brian Edwards, this beautifully packaged DVD set is an essential primer of basic Christianity and apologetics that every believer should know. A 4-part collection, it is excellent both for personal enrichment and small group studies. Includes a leader guide/workbook.

What’s Included $62 value

  • Scripture Under Scrutiny

    Translated into more than 420 languages, the Bible is still the world’s best-selling book. But where does our Bible come from and why can we be sure that it is reliable? These and many other questions are answered in this presentation.

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  • The Life of William Tyndale

    At a time when reading the Bible in English was punishable by death, William Tyndale was used mightily of God to translate and print the Scriptures into English. Giving ordinary people the opportunity to read God’s Word, Tyndale’s work has influenced English translations for over 400 years!

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  • Why 66? The Canon of Scripture

    It has become all common for critics to dismiss the Bible’s credibility. It is time for some plain and simple truth. Join us as we trace the story of the Hebrew Scriptures and the writing and acceptance of the books of the New Testament.

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  • Single copy How Do We Know the Bible Is True? - Leader Guide & Workbook: Single copy

    Designed to supplement the DVD series of the same name, this guide/workbook contains an individual viewing guide, group viewing guide, and group discussion questions for each DVD in the series.

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Basic Christian beliefs explained!

How Do We Know the Bible Is True? is an essential primer of basic Christianity and apologetics that every believer should know. A 4-part collection, it is excellent both for personal enrichment and small group studies. Packaged in a sturdy library case, each DVD features the acclaimed British theologian and Bible teacher Brian Edwards (one of Ken Ham’s favorite apologists).

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While on a recent visit to the United States, I obtained the four DVD pack “How Do We Know The Bible is True” from Answers in Genesis, and decided that once back home in France I must write and tell you what a wonderful blessing listening to these DVDs has been, not only for me but also for my daughter-in-law who lives in the United Sates.

On returning to France, I sat down and listened to the two on Scripture and took quite a few notes. I find all this so fascinating!

In addition, the Life of William Tyndale is something that really hit me. I don’t even have words to express my feelings, and at the end of the DVD, I am left speechless.

And, of course, The Authentic Christ is probably the best of all four!

I am currently going over my notes and learning some of the facts concerning canon, the old manuscripts, and how the Bible was transmitted in order to better evangelize. I have already had the occasion to share this information with someone who was absolutely amazed upon learning the truth about Scripture, as opposed to the lies of Dan Brown.

These DVDs are a wonderful tool to enrich our faith. They are the product of serious, scholarly study, yet they are on a level that is easily understood.

Mainly, I wanted to say, ‘Thank you for sharing this information’.

—Joan T., France

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