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The Fall of Satan and A Biblical and Historical Look at Halloween

Written by Bodie Hodge
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You'll discover the answers to 35 captivating questions, such as: Who is Satan? Was there pain before the fall? When did Satan rebel? Includes bonus chapter: Who were the Nephilim (and the sons of God) in Genesis 6 and Numbers 13? Also includes a pack of 10 Halloween booklets.

What’s Included $21 value

  • 10 Pack A Biblical and Historical Look At Halloween: 10 Pack

    When did modern-day Halloween get started? What is the original source for Halloween? What are the evils of modern-day Halloween and what can a Christian do? The answers are inside!

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  • The Fall of Satan

    You'll discover the answers to 35 captivating questions, such as: Who is Satan? Why would God, who is not evil, allow evil to continue to exist? Shouldn’t Eve have been shocked that a serpent spoke? Did the serpent originally have legs? When did Satan rebel?

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