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Drive By Church History

47 Lectures on Church History... before you get to work every day.

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  • Format: CD Set
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 705 minutes
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: 12 and up
  • Publisher: Burning Bush Communications
  • SKU: 20-5-163
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Excellent background information that helps the Bible come to life! 47 short audio lectures designed to be drive-time friendly.


Excellent background information that helps the Bible come to life!

Drive By Church History will take you on a 21-century tour that equips you to know and teach about the growth of Christianity. Drive By Church History is 47 short audio lectures (aprox. 15 min. each), designed to be drive-time friendly. You will be better equipped to explain what has happened in church history since the Resurrection of Jesus!

Includes MP3 disc.

Drive By Church History is broken up into four memorable acts:

  • Act I: Establishing the Foundations. Centuries 1-5
  • Act II: Wandering from the Truth. Centuries 6- 15
  • Act III Reforming. Centuries 16 -18
  • Act IV: Defending the Truth. Centuries 19-21

Drive By Church History is perfect for:

  • Personal study.
  • Family study.
  • Responding to atheist accusations.

Drive By Church History is His Story, Our Story and Your Story. After 47 short lectures, you will know this history and be well equipped to defend it.

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The history of the Church is filled with battles over the truths and accuracy of the Bible. If we don’t learn about how Christians came to understand the truths revealed in Scripture, we have missed an important part of their legacy of upholding the Bible’s authority. As you listen to these lectures, you’ll be caught up in the centuries-old struggle over the Bible as the authority for what the Church was to believe and practice. Just as there was a need for the Reformation in the 1500s to call us back to the authority of Scripture alone, today we need a reformation – one that will call the Church back to God’s Word as the absolute authority. You’ll be encouraged and inspired by the accounts of men who trusted the Bible and died for the truth it contains, and you’ll be equipped to defend the faith delivered once to the saints.

—Ken Ham, President, Answers in Genesis/Creation Museum


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