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Dino Hunter Episode 3

High Tech Dinosaur Digging

Featuring Jeremy McLaughlin; Produced by Kyle Justice
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  • Format: MP4
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  • Length: 41 minutes
  • Technicality: Children
  • Ages: 8 and up
  • Publisher: Awesome Science Media
  • Published: 2017
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Host Jeremy McLaughlin visits with paleontologist Dr. Art Chadwick at the Dinosaur Research Project, one of the largest dig sites in the world.

Better Together


In this episode of Dino Hunter, Jeremy visits with paleontologist Dr. Art Chadwick at the Dinosaur Research Project in eastern Wyoming, one of the largest dig sites in the world. Jeremy will learn the high tech methods Dr. Chadwick and his team use for logging each bone and creating a 3D map of each quarry. Dr. Chadwick presents why only a Global Flood would explain the massive dinosaur graveyards around the world!


  1. Introduction
  2. Doing good research
  3. The Dinosaur Research Project
  4. Life on the ranch
  5. Visiting North Quarry
  6. The digging season
  7. Visiting Southwest Quarry
  8. Science is biased
  9. Visiting Stair Quarry
  10. Evidence of the Global Flood
  11. Jeremy digs for dinosaurs
  12. Closing/ Credits

Bonus Segments

  • Finding fossils
  • Finding Nanotyrannus
  • On the Road with Kyle Justice & Family
  • Blooper Reel
  • Production Photos
  • Awesome Science Media Trailers
  • Awesome Science Media

The Dino Hunter Documentary Series Summary

Dino Hunter is a documentary series which explores dinosaurs from a Biblical worldview, helping you to see the evidence that is often overlooked in mainstream science. The episodes will cover the latest discoveries and visit the top experts. Dino Hunter is hosted by Jeremy McLaughin, an Emmy Award winner for hosting television series. He will get his hands dirty and venture out around the world to see this incredible evidence for the Biblical worldview.

Bio of Host/Producer, Kyle Justice

This program is produced by Emmy-nominated director, Kyle Justice. His work has appeared on such networks as National Geographic, ESPN, The Outdoor Channel, The Family Channel, and Fox Sports. He produced his first creation science kids video “The X-Nilo Show” in 1997 in partnership with Answers in Genesis. In 2010 he founded Awesome Science Media and began producing a full series of kids shows and documentaries, selling over 100,000 DVDs and broadcasting the content throughout the world. The Creation Guys is Kyle’s first series he has hosted.

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