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Creation College 3

Complete 21 DVD Compendium

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  • Format: Pack
  • Dimensions: 9" x 12" x 2"
  • Length: 1200 minutes
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2010
  • SKU: 40-1-321
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This special collection features all of the plenary sessions from Creation College 3. Get equipped with the latest creation-affirming information from many areas of science!

What’s Included $273 value

  • The Need for Creation Ministry

    Ham gives helpful insights into the reasons for this decline, which started with attacks on issues like the age of the earth and the accuracy of the history in Genesis. Ken shares how churches and individuals can stand against destructive, evolution-based ideas and successfully rebuild the foundation of biblical authority in our culture. (62 minutes)

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  • Go into All the World

    Using the example of the Apostle Paul's address before the Areopagus in Acts 17, Ham demonstrates how to present the real history found in Genesis as the foundation for truly rewarding evangelism efforts. Communicating the true history of the Bible is key. Only then will a biblically illiterate, secularized culture understand the gospel and recognize their need for the Savior.

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  • Jurassic Prank

    Dinosaurs . . . mighty creatures that supposedly roamed the earth millions of years ago. Where did they come from? How did they live? Where did they go? Did they really evolve into birds? Do dinosaurs prove evolution?

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  • Biblical Creation

    For 200 years Christians have been told that the Bible is not clear about how long God took to create, or how old the earth is. But is that true? This important presentation looks at objections that have been voiced against the young-earth view.

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  • Darwinian Evolution

    Darwin’s hypothesis on the origins of life led to a catastrophically destructive impact on society and Christian theology. Using quotes from Darwin himself, Dr. Mortenson explains how Darwin “murdered” the Bible’s teaching on death, the character of God, the basis for any moral absolutes of right and wrong, and the reliability and authority of the Bible in the minds of people.

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  • Deep Time Evolution

    We constantly hear the mantra: “Evolution is science, creation is religion,” or “Evolution is a proven scientific fact.” But is this true? Highlighting the words of evolutionists themselves and examples from biology, geology, and paleontology, Dr. Mortenson demonstrates that evolutionism is really a philosophy . . . a worldview . . . a religion.

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  • Modern Medicine and Ancient Authority

    Is a belief in evolution necessary to be a good doctor? Some have claimed that a physician who rejects the idea of evolution will make bad clinical decisions. Is there a basis for this claim?

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  • All Creatures Great & Small

    Bacteria are often used as a model organism for evolutionary biology, but there are many reasons this is not appropriate. This interesting DVD uses a creationist perspective to help us understand God’s original design and purpose for microbes and how various genetic mechanisms since the Fall have led to bacteria that cause disease.

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  • Hope Amid Despair

    Eve was the original bad girl of the Bible who left a legacy of sin and despair that affects our parenting and marriages even today. But Eve has another legacy— through her seed came Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of man. Dr. Purdom’s presentation will walk you through the life and legacies of Eve.

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  • Wonder of the Cell

    Dr. Georgia Purdom uses her intimate knowledge of the inner workings of a cell to provide you a glimpse of its amazing complexity. Detailed computer animations show how the intricate machinery working in a single cell can only be explained as the handiwork of a Master Designer.

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  • Genetics, Evolution, and Creation

    From gene duplication to beneficial mutations, more and more evolutionists are attempting to use discoveries in the field of genetics as proof for common ancestry of life on earth. In this informative new DVD, Georgia Purdom (PhD, molecular genetics) examines these arguments and shows why they are not evidence for common ancestry.

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  • Noah’s Flood and the Earth’s Age

    This presentation reveals the failed attempts of evolutionists to account for their proposed millions of years of earth history, and points to the true biblical age of our planet.

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  • Does Biology Make Sense Without Darwin?

    Biology makes even more sense without evolution! When we start from a biblical perspective, we can understand the world around us—no Darwin required.

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  • Radioactive and Radiocarbon Dating

    Few people who claim that radiometric dating proves the earth is billions of years old really understand the underlying assumptions. Using simple illustrations, Dr. Snelling examines these assumptions and equips viewers with information to counter the anti-biblical arguments.

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  • Radiohalos

    Radiohalos have been described as a “very tiny mystery” hidden in the crystals that make up rocks. Geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling explains how these tiny mysteries help to unlock a biblical understanding of radiometric dating and the age of the earth.

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  • The Flood

    Geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling presents several lines of evidence that both confirm the biblical account of the global Flood, and cannot be explained by evolutionary models. From deep sea fossils high atop the Himalayas to the movement of the continents during the Flood, the big picture comes into sharp focus when you look through the lens of the Bible!

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  • The Grand Canyon

    Grand Canyon offers some of the most breath-taking vistas in the world, but did the tiny Colorado River really carve this massive feature? Dr. Snelling explains the formation of the canyon in light of the global Flood of Noah’s day, not slow and gradual processes.

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  • Evolution and Logical Fallacies

    In this informative presentation Dr. Jason Lisle gives viewers a fast-paced course on logic, in addition to reviewing numerous logical fallacies, and giving examples of how evolutionists often use fallacious arguments in arguing for their position.

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  • Nuclear Strength Apologetics, Part 1

    Dr. Jason Lisle presents a presuppositional approach to apologetics, and shows why it is the best method for defending the faith. He gives numerous examples of real-world discussions and demonstrates the logic and consistency of the biblical worldview.

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  • Nuclear Strength Apologetics, Part 2

    In part 2, Dr. Lisle continues to show the necessity of using a presuppositional method in defending the faith. He shows the proper use of evidence in our apologetics and examines weak arguments that Christians sometimes use.

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  • The Ultimate Proof of Creation

    Dr. Lisle presents an ultimate proof for the existence of God and the truth of creation. He goes beyond the battle over “evidence,” and demonstrates why and how we are to defend the faith. Dr. Lisle shows how only the Christian worldview can account for the world we live in.

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Get ready for our best and most complete conference collection ever! These 21 DVDs feature all of the main hall (plenary) sessions from Answers in Genesis' 2009 "Creation College 3," shot live before hundreds of enthusiastic conference attendees. As a compendium exclusive, the kit also includes the speaker outlines that were distributed to all attendees during the 4 days of the conference.

You'll be excited and your faith will be deepened by the latest creation-affirming information from many areas of science, including; geology, astronomy, biology, physiology and internal medicine—and you don't even have to pack your suitcase!

This sturdy 3-ring binder is organized with the talks from astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle's Ultimate Apologetics set, and the talks from geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling's Geology set (see below) plus also features; Ken Ham (creation evangelism), Dr. Terry Mortenson (history of geology and biblical authority), Dr. Georgia Purdom (molecular biology), Dr. David Menton (anatomy and physiology) and Dr. Tommy Mitchell (internal medicine).


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