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Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol. 1 Rocks and Fossils with Dr. Steve Austin

Featuring Dr. Steve Austin; Hosted by Del Tackett
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  • Format: DVD
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  • Length: 113 minutes
  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Compass Cinema
  • Published: 2018
  • SKU: 30-9-743
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Dr. Del Tackett interviews Dr. Steve Austin as they delve deeper into the fascinating fields of geology. Explore the impact of the global flood on the earth.


Dig Deeper Into the Science Behind the Film

Beyond Is Genesis History? Volume 1: Rocks & Fossils explores the fascinating fields of geology, paleontology, and atmospheric science. When you’ve watched the documentary film and want to learn more, this is your next step! This DVD includes the six interviews with geologist Dr. Steve Austin concerning catastrophic geology and the Flood.

Videos Included

Mount St. Helens | WASHINGTON

Catastrophic Geology [21:07] - Steve Austin provides an overview of the events of the 1980 volcanic eruption and subsequent mudflows. He explains how geologic processes associated with the volcano and its aftermath can teach us about even larger catastrophic processes that occurred during the Global Flood.

Spirit Lake & the Floating Log Mat [19:22] - Steve Austin explains what happened at Spirit Lake during and after the eruption. Millions of trees were knocked into the lake to create a floating log mat, which in turn produced a thick layer of peat and the appearance of stratified forest.

Grand Canyon | ARIZONA

The Grand Staircase [18:33] - Steve Austin explores part of the Grand Staircase, the think stack of rock layers which are visible as sets of parallel cliffs above the Grand Canyon. He explains that the history of the world is best viewed through a Flood geology model as a five-step process: Sedimentation, Tectonics, Erosion, Volcanoes, and Exponential decline. Steve then talks briefly about his experience as a creationist geologist.

Desert View & the Colorado River [18:23] - Steve Austin explains the history of the rock strata from creation week to the present day, then discusses the conventional paradigm introduced by Charles Lyell and Charles Darwin. He takes Dr. Tackett to the Colorado River and talks about the catastrophic processes necessary to carve out such a deep canyon through thousands of feet of rock.

The Great Unconformity & Megasequences [18:03] - Steve Austin explains how the rock layers making up continent-wide megasequences are best explained by fast-moving slurry deposits caused during the Flood. He discusses how rapid sedimentation leads to large-scale erosion and deposition like we see in many places throughout the world such as the Great Unconformity.

Fossil Nautiloids [17:34] - Steve Austin visits a spectacular fossil bed within the Redwall Limestone in the Grand Canyon. The bed contains abundant nautiloids that appear to have been killed simultaneously. He and Del Tackett finish their trip to Grand Canyon discussing how the huge layers of rocks are a memorial to God's global judgment.

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