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Best of British Bible and Science Conference Bundle

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  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2017
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  • Includes optional English subtitles

Best of British Bible and Science brought the top British creation apologists for a one-time event at the Creation Museum. Now you can watch the conference from home!

What’s Included $130 value

  • Adam: The First and the Last

    Simon Turpin looks at objections to God’s direct creation of the fully human man called Adam and then shows why this view is crucial because of the implications on the doctrines of sin, salvation, and Christology

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  • Jesus, Scripture, and Creation

    Simon Turpin looks at what Scripture says about the identity of Jesus and what he believed about the nature and truthfulness of Scripture.

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  • Myth-interpreting the Bible

    Steve Ham answers questions how we might approach extra biblical material found in the ancient libraries of Nineveh and Nippur and assess it in terms of the historical narrative of Genesis.

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  • Relevance of Genesis

    In this dynamic presentation, Ken Ham addresses the importance and authority of the Bible’s book of Genesis in the life and theology of the Christian.

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  • Science, Mathematics, and Beauty

    The precise, logical language of mathematics expresses abstract truth and is one of the most powerful evidences that reality is more than matter and energy. The power of mathematics shows that mind is not defined by matter.

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  • The Bible: An Authentic Book

    Brian Edwards shares how we can trust the Bible as an accurate record and how we can respond to the challenge that Jesus never really lived.

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  • The Design Argument

    Discover how design reveals a designer and the attributes of the designer (Romans 1:20). Compelling examples of intelligent design are presented, including the human knee joint, the human blood circulation system, and peacock feathers.

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  • The Designer World

    Prof. Stuart Burgess describes how the earth is intricately designed for life (Isaiah 45:18) and especially designed for all the varied needs of mankind.

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  • The Extraordinary Bombardier Beetle

    Professor McIntosh recounts how the Bombardier beetle has inspired a raft of practical applications including fuel injectors, pharmaceutical sprays, fragrancers and fire extinguishers.

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  • Archaeological Evidence for the Bible

    In this presentation, acclaimed British pastor and theologian, Brian Edwards, introduces the people and events that Bible critics once thought never existed.

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Watch the top British creation apologists and get equipped!

Renowned in their fields, the speakers at this conference (four of them from Great Britain) will help equip you with apologetics tools as they show the wonders of our Creator, the consistency and credibility of the biblical text, and even archaeological discoveries in the British Museum that demonstrate the authenticity of the Scriptures.

Individual Download Videos from the 2017 Best of British Conference

Order the complete conference download bundle above or choose individual video downloads of the presentations below, and click the add to cart button.

Session Speaker Time Price
Relevance of Genesis Ken Ham 52 mins $9.99
Adam: The First and the Last Simon Turpin 52 mins $9.99
The Extraordinary Bombardier Beetle Prof. Andy McIntosh 51 mins $9.99
The Designer World Prof. Stuart Burgess 53 mins $9.99
Archaeological Evidence for the Bible Brian H. Edwards 52 mins $9.99
Jesus, Scripture, and Creation Simon Turpin 48 mins $9.99
Science, Mathematics, and Beauty Prof. Andy McIntosh 53 mins $9.99
The Design Argument Prof. Stuart Burgess 43 mins $9.99
The Bible: An Authentic Book Brian H. Edwards 53 mins $9.99
Myth-interpreting the Bible Steve Ham 66 mins $9.99

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