Allosaur & Dragon Fun Pack

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  • Published: 2014
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This fun pack features the Dinosaurs by Design classic book, Dinosaurs, Dragons and the Bible DVD, and an Allosaurus action figure!

What’s Included $37 value

  • Allosaur Action Figure

    Now you can get your own Allosaurus, one of the best known carnivores. This hand painted action figure is perfect for dinosaur lovers of all ages. It reminds us of God's creative power in designing dinosaurs.

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  • Dragons, Dinosaurs & the Bible

    Are dinosaurs dragons? Did birds evolve from dinosaurs? How should Christians view these incredible creatures? This illustrated lecture, featuring creation-apologist Bodie Hodge, will excite you to look at these amazing beasts from a thoroughly biblical viewpoint. It will also challenge evolutionists to separate fact from fiction regarding dinosaurs and dragons.

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  • Dinosaurs by Design

    This classic book by Dr. Duane Gish includes a multi-page section about meat-eating dinosaurs, including Allosaurus (which is also highlighted in a magnificent new exhibit at the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio).

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