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Allosaur and Dinosaur Fun Pack

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This fun dinosaur pack features the two popular hardcover books that are loved by kids and adults alike, as well as a fun allosaur action figure!

What’s Included $39 value

  • Allosaur Action Figure

    Now you can get your own Allosaurus, one of the best known carnivores. This hand painted action figure is perfect for dinosaur lovers of all ages. It reminds us of God's creative power in designing dinosaurs.

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  • Dinosaurs for Kids

    This is the most up-to-date and perhaps the most complete dinosaur book for kids today! In this big hardback, Ken Ham teams a powerful Bible-based timeline of dinosaur history with eye-popping illustrations and the latest in dinosaur information.

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  • Dinosaurs by Design

    This classic book by Dr. Duane Gish includes a multi-page section about meat-eating dinosaurs, including Allosaurus (which is also highlighted in a magnificent new exhibit at the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio).

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The recent addition of "Ebeneezer the Allosaurus" skeleton to Answers in Genesis' Creation Museum is a huge opportunity to share the truth of creation with friends and family. Order this special kit for any dinosaur-loving child (or child-at-heart!) to help confirm the accuracy of the bible and lay a better foundation for sharing the soul-saving gospel of our Creator, Jesus Christ!


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