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Absolute Truth Pack

Written by Steve Ham
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This book and DVD combo is important for anyone who wants to stand for the credibility of biblical history and its central focus on Jesus Christ, from Genesis to Revelation.

What’s Included $26 value

  • Millions of Years

    There is a new gnosticism in the church today—a righteous-sounding disbelief about who Jesus really was—and it’s wreaking havoc on Christian families worldwide!

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  • In God We Trust

    Steve Ham gets to the heart of why biblical authority matters. A commitment to the Creator’s authority inevitably impacts virtually every aspect of our daily Christian living—family, worship, the way we do church, and even how we evangelize.

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In the book In God We Trust, Steve Ham reveals the authority of Scripture - true history that points to Christ! In the DVD Millions of Years, The New Gnosticism, he reveals that the apostles boldy taught the historical reality of the Savior and shows from First John the link between the gnostic thinking behind modern evolutionism. Biblical authority is dependent on the reality of Jesus!

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