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  • Homemade Music
    Homemade Music

    Get ready to tap your toes! In this fun new music video, singer-song writer Buddy Davis cooks up an "oven load" of homemade songs all recorded at his rustic cabin!

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  • Creation Musical Adventures
    Creation Musical Adventures

    Listen, imagine, and learn as you become a main character in many wonderful stories in song. If you’re a kid or a kid at heart, come take an inspiring musical adventure with AiG’s Buddy Davis! A double album!

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  • Buddy's Amazing Adventures 3-DVD Combo
    Buddy's Amazing Adventures 3-DVD Combo

    Now you can join adventurer Buddy Davis on three exciting adventures: an amazing world beneath the earth, a dinosaur dig in the Badlands of Montana, and a journey through the everglades.

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  • Songs of Life, Love, and Faith CD
    Songs of Life, Love, and Faith CD

    The latest collection from Buddy Davis, featuring songs about life, love, and faith that the whole family can enjoy!

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