• Allosaurus & Dragon Fun Pack
    Allosaurus & Dragon Fun Pack

    Save $17 on this fun pack featuring the Dinosaurs by Design classic book, Dinosaurs, Dragons and the Bible DVD, and an Allosaurus action figure! A $37 value. Makes a great gift!

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  • Complete Creation Museum DVD Collection
    Complete Creation Museum DVD Collection

    Now, you can own (and share!) the award-winning Creation Museum videos! The set at right includs the 6-DVD "Creation Museum Collection" plus 3 bonus DVDs.

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  • Jigsaw Puzzle Set: Behemoth and Two by Two
    Jigsaw Puzzle Set: Behemoth and Two by Two

    What better way to see the details of Noah’s Ark, and the huge behemoth dinosaur than to put them together! Make a beautiful, lasting impression! 500 pieces each

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