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  • Journey Through the Ark Encounter and Ark Signs
    Journey Through the Ark Encounter and Ark Signs

    Take a journey to the Ark Encounter through the pages of these books. Marvel at amazing world class exhibits with commentary to guide you through and the educational teaching signs!

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  • Faith Like Noah T-Shirt
    Faith Like Noah T-Shirt

    The Bible describes Noah as a man of great faith and righteousness. Be encouraged by his example with this trendy t-shirt.

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  • The Wild Brothers Adventures 1-8 + Soundtrack
    The Wild Brothers Adventures 1-8 + Soundtrack

    Don't miss a single adventure with the Wild Brothers! Get ready to meet the sons of Mike and Libby Wild, a homeschooling missionary family that lives deep in the jungle of a remote Pacific island. This special pack includes the Tunes from the Wild Brothers CD.

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  • Attractions Gift Card
    Attractions Gift Card

    Here is the perfect way to inspire and help a friend or loved one to visit the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. These collector-quality gift cards come in three denominations.

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