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  • Ready to Return eBook
    Ready to Return eBook

    The Church is in danger of losing future generations, but only if we fail to understand the problem and don’t engage them with the truth! Find out how to reach these generations with this powerful conclusion to the best-selling Already Gone and Already Compromised series.

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  • Buddy Davis' Amazing Adventure: Alaska!
    Buddy Davis' Amazing Adventure: Alaska!

    Join Buddy Davis in this 4th episode of the “Amazing Adventures” DVD series as he treks through the wilderness of Alaska!

    Winner! Christian Worldview Film Festival (Best Short Documentary, 2016)

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  • Begin eBook
    Begin eBook

    This book is an eye-opening journey through Scriptures that are especially key for new believers and those interested in learning about Christianity.

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  • Dinosaurs of Eden
    Dinosaurs of Eden

    Revised and updated, this beloved classic will take you on a breathtaking trip across time to the biblical foundation of dinosaurs!

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