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  • Truth Chronicles Series
    Truth Chronicles Series

    Four teens find themselves caught up in the issues of everyday life and thrust into events they never expected. Their travels back in time lead them to questions about their own existence and the existence of God. Free bonus study guide when you order this 6-book combo!

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  • Quick Answers to Tough Questions
    Quick Answers to Tough Questions

    Don't have time to read a big manual? Get answers to tough questions fast! Excellent resource for teens and young adults.

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  • Answers Book For Teens 2
    Answers Book For Teens 2

    This second book in this groundbreaking series gives teens more insights they need into God’s love and His Word—answers that they will never receive from the world!

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  • Evolution Exposed
    Evolution Exposed

    The two most important science books for every high school student! Equip teens to respectfully challenge evolutionary indoctrination in class, research papers, and during everyday interactions outside of school. These two powerful books are thoroughly indexed by topic so that anyone can use them!

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