• The Genius of Ancient Man
    The Genius of Ancient Man

    All over the world there are similar findings of ancient religions, cities and towers, world travel, advanced astronomy, and civilized government. Discover the genius of ancient man!

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  • Ken Ham Classics Book Set
    Ken Ham Classics Book Set

    Six of Ken Ham's Classic books, now available in this boxed set. A great addition to your library or gift for a pastor or friend.

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  • A is for Adam
    A is for Adam

    Best-selling classic-updated! This just-revised classic shares biblical insights with totally new art and a fresh format that is fun for kids and appreciated by parents and teachers alike.

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  • How Do We Know the Bible Is True? Volumes 1 & 2
    How Do We Know the Bible Is True? Volumes 1 & 2

    General editors Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge of Answers in Genesis along with a team of biblical scholars and Christian apologists present answers to relevant debates. Get both valuable books!

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Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry, dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively. We focus on providing answers to questions about the Bible—particularly the book of Genesis—regarding key issues such as creation, evolution, science, and the age of the earth.