TV Reviews

  • History it Ain’t
    Aug. 11, 2005

    AiG reviews the history channel TV documentary "Ape to Man."

  • Creation: Once Upon All Time
    June 11, 2005

    Like so many in the church who compromise regarding the book of Genesis, writer/producer/director Carol Schuller Milner forces long-ages, evolutionary thinking into Genesis 1.

  • Responding to the Compromise Views of John Ankerberg
    March 2, 2005

    Last Sunday on American television, TV host John Ankerberg began a new series entitled Are the Genesis Creation Days 24 Hours or Long Periods of Time?

  • Further Comments on the PBS-TV Series “Origins”
    Sept. 30, 2004

    On Wednesday evening, September 29, the television network PBS (Public Broadcasting System) aired segments three and four of the four-hour miniseries “Origins” in the US.

  • Preliminary Comments on the PBS-TV Series “Origins”
    Sept. 29, 2004

    On Tuesday evening, the US television network PBS (Public Broadcasting System) aired the first two hours of a four-hour miniseries on “Origins.”

  • Discovery Channel premiers “The Real Eve”
    April 20, 2002

    On Sunday, 21 April, the Discovery Channel will be premiering ‘The Real Eve’, a program discussing the evolutionary-based ‘out of Africa’ idea about the origin of all modern humans.

  • AiG answers new TV series on animal evolution
    April 4, 2002

    The first episode of a new TV series on animal evolution, called The Shape of Life, premiered on PBS-TV in the United States, 2 April 2002.

  • Comment on “Land of the Mammoth”
    March 16, 2001

    “Land of the Mammoth” on the Discovery Channel was a sequel to the show of last March in which mammoth researchers dug out what they thought was a frozen carcass encased in a block of icy mud.

  • Not Bad, Considering…
    Nov. 14, 2000

    A television network in the U.S. is once again trying its hand at reconstructing historical accounts recorded in the Bible.

  • The Bible According to NBC
    Oct. 9, 2000

    On the heels of its recent miniseries, “Noah's Ark,” NBC is planning a November release of its interpretation of Genesis and Exodus.

  • “Walking with … Untruths!”
    April 16, 2000

    On April 16, the Discovery Channel in America aired a so-called “documentary” on dinosaurs.


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