Chapter 10

Misconceptions and/or Common Mistakes about Reconciliation

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  1. Believing that each ministry has a clear vision and mission while seeking to build a reconciled team.
  2. Believing that each ministry has clear expectations in areas such as authority, leadership style, compensation, music, respect, etc.
  3. Adding to your team a person from a particular ethnic group to minister to that ethnic group rather than as a part of your team with a concern for team reconciliation.
  4. Lacking a community environment that encourages positive, loving relationships.
  5. Believing that one’s ethnic identity makes him an expert on that ethnic group.
  6. Believing that general characteristics of a group define every individual from that group.
  7. Believing that merely having different cultural groups attending the same church is reconciliation.
  8. Believing that reconciliation is only racial/ethnic.
  9. Believing that we must like them to reconcile with them.
  10. Believing that ethnic/cultural groups do not change within their group.
  11. Believing that they must understand us before we can reconcile with them.
  12. Believing that they must “get over it” before we can reconcile.
  13. Believing that verbal assent or lack of dissent means commitment from your team.
  14. Believing that there will be no disagreement and/or disappointments on the journey.
  15. Believing that we understand each other.
  16. Believing that I will never be lonely.
  17. Believing that all of God’s people want reconciliation.
  18. Believing that every cultural context is the same.
  19. Believing that we have all the answers.
  20. Believing that interracial marriage is not an issue for believers.
  21. Believing that people will reconcile if they believe it is right.
  22. Believing that peer pressure only affects young people.
  23. Believing that those from a different people group know they are always welcome in our community.
  24. Believing that we cannot change negative perceptions of us due to past mistakes.
  25. Believing that reconciliation is easy.
  26. Believing that racism is a thing of the past.
  27. Believing that media racial stereotypes do not affect our perceptions of individuals.
  28. Believing that fundamentalists/evangelicals have always addressed racial issues in a biblically accurate manner.
  29. Believing that the Bible does not sufficiently address the racial issues of today.
  30. Believing that unity demands total uniformity.
  31. Believing that all disagreements within multicultural churches stem from cultural differences.
  32. Believing that multicultural churches develop naturally.
  33. Believing that people of the same color all share the same culture.
  34. Believing that images are not important to our children.
  35. Believing that if we don’t talk about racial issues they will go away.
  36. Believing that race is a scientific fact.
  37. Believing that solutions to racial injustices have come from homogenous efforts.

One Race One Blood

Most people do not realize how intimately connected the popular idea of evolution and the worst racist ideology in history are.

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