Science Shepherd

Pewaukee, WI

  • President

    Scott Hardin
  • Lead Marketer

    Bill Hardin
  • Content Editor

    Katie Hardin
  • Lead Writer

    Scott Hardin

Science Shepherd Homeschool Science Curriculum was developed by Dr. Scott Hardin, a homeschool dad who experienced firsthand the need for quality higher level science curricula for the homeschool community. Life Science and Biology were developed to aid parents in homeschooling through the higher grade levels. Introductory Science is available for elementary school, and Unearthing the Bible for all ages.

Science Shepherd Biology

Science Shepherd Biology is a comprehensive and integrated homeschool high school Biology curriculum, incorporating textbook, optional daily video-based lessons and web-based chapter review questions, lab manual, supplementary parent/teacher informational guide book, enhanced study question DVD, and test materials. Biology was designed for independent study with advanced but easy-to-learn presentation. However, with the supplementary teacher information, parents can be involved in their student(s) learning, if they choose.

Science Shepherd Life Science

The Science Shepherd Life Science curriculum is a robust yet easy-to-learn life science-based program for middle school / junior high. Life Science can also be used as an introductory science course for high school students who have not received a lot of science exposure. The curriculum integrates with optional lab material.

Science Shepherd Introductory Science

Introductory Science is a homeschool science curriculum for grade school. Featuring 171 daily video-based lessons with integrated workbook and practical activities, Introductory Science covers geology, biology, meteorology, oceanography, astronomy and more. The workbook is available in two levels, A or B, depending on the student’s learning level.

Science Shepherd Unearthing the Bible

Unearthing the Bible is a Christian homeschool curriculum that explores Biblical archaeology. By in-depth analysis of more than 25 archaeological finds and presented across 39 streaming video lessons, the historical veracity of the Bible is clearly explained. Science Shepherd partnered with Pastor Josh Watson, Bachelor of Theology, The Master’s University, for the development of Unearthing the Bible.


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