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Kitchener, Ontario

Bingemans Conference Centre

On Thursday, September 2, from 9 am to 5 pm, we are inviting one and all to come and experience the true depth of the AiG Canada ministry! We will be showcasing several key aspects of the equipping resources through displays, workshops, and interactive learning booths manned with our friendly and informative AiG Staff.

A Vision for Canada

Come and hear from our Executive Director, Calvin Smith, what the long-term plans for the Answers in Canada ministry have to help positively impact the Canadian ministry. Discover how you can partner and be part of a transformative plan to help combat the secularization of our nation and have a long-lasting influence for generations to come.

Featured booths will include:

  • Answers Bible Curriculum
    Did you know that over 10,000 churches use AiG’s ABC curriculum!? Come ask questions and take in a marvelous workshop on how to implement this comprehensive, 4-year, chronological, JK to adult, apologetics filled, non-denominational Bible curriculum at your church!
  • Answers Boot Camp (Worldview training for youth)
    Many aren’t aware that AiG Canada holds an annual, week-long equipping camp for youth ages 14–18. Come and learn about these amazing, transformative, faith-building, in-depth apologetics and worldview opportunities and how your youth and young adults can be involved! We will have a group of past-attendee students on site who can give you their insight into how these camps have helped them in their walk and witness for Christ!
  • Answers VBS
    At a time when many VBS programs are falling to the wayside, our Answers VBS is growing in leaps and bounds because of its faith filled, dynamic, high-quality, and relevant content. Looking for an outreach program for your church? Take in a workshop and see the materials on display!
  • Gospel Reset Evangelism Curriculum
    (Brand new resource to be launched at this event! AiG has produced some of the most relevant apologetics materials available for many years now, which are essential for Christians to be able to defend their faith in a culture increasingly hostile to Christ. To compliment those equipping resources, we will be releasing a dynamic but practical evangelism curriculum designed to help the average Christian share the gospel with family and friends more effectively. Take in a workshop, ask questions, see the product, and meet and greet the creator of the curriculum (Mr. Cory McKenna of The Cross Current Ministry) on site!
  • Legacy Project
    We are hard launching our University Student Mentorship program this Fall. Canada has developed relationships with many Christian scientists who are staunch biblicists very competent in their scientific field that hold to a high standard of Christian ethics and belief in the authority of God’s Word. We have many willing to mentor Christian students in their field. Mentors can help their mentees through prayer, answering questions, and providing insight, advice, or both, throughout their education. Want to learn more about how your students can receive mentoring during some of the most challenging years? Come and find out more from the ‘prototypes’ of this initiative. Our own speaker Patricia Engler will be there together with conference speaker and PhD biologist Dr. Margaret Helder, who mentored Patricia throughout her university degree!
  • Bus Tours
    Thinking of arranging a tour down to the fantastic Creation Museum and the amazing Ark Encounter? Did you know AiG Canada has partnered with a Christian bus tour company that can help you with all the details? Come and see how easy it is to arrange with our tour expert on site!
  • Events and Conferences
    Would you like to hold an Answers in Genesis conference or meeting at your church or event? Come and talk to our expert event coordinators to discover how we can partner with you to provide expert speakers and resources as well as coordinate advertising and promotion of your event for maximum impact.

Don't forget to purchase tickets for the Answers Firm Foundations 2021 Conference on Friday and Saturday!


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Price: FREE

Thursday's Expo is open to the public


425 Bingemans Centre Drive
Kitchener, Ontario N2B 3X7

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