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Firm Foundations Concert


Kitchener, Ontario

Bingemans Conference Centre

Faith Worship Team

Our Firm Foundations Concert will feature the Faith Worship team.

Music selections will draw from a variety of genres and worship styles that will respect all ages and inspire God-honouring worship and contemplation of the Holiness of Christ.

Arrive Early For Refreshments!

This concert occurs after our Answers Firm Foundations 2020 conference. Arrive before the concert (between five and seven) to enjoy refreshments, browse our resource tables, and engage with AiG Canada staff.

Invite Your Friends

Invite some friends to come and join you and be blessed in a time of praise and worship to our almighty creator, with a group of very talented musicians and singers dedicated to glorifying Christ and his majesty.



Adult $9.99 Students (under 17) $6.99

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Event Cost

Price: $9.99


425 Bingemans Centre Drive
Kitchener, Ontario N2B 3X7

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