Speak Truth in Your Heart

Speak Truth in Your Heart

Ken Ham, Sarah (Mally) Hancock

to Feb 25

Williamstown, KY

Answers Center

We are really excited about the upcoming Speak Truth in Your Heart conference at the Ark Encounter, February 24-25, 2023. It’s specifically for mothers and daughters ages 11-22, but women of all ages are welcome to come (youth leaders, grandmas, ladies looking for resources to encourage the younger girls in their lives, or singles looking for personal encouragement). This conference is taught by Sarah (Mally) Hancock and will also include a special session by Ken Ham. Young women will be challenged to identify lies they are believing, find their identity in Jesus, honor Christ with their emotions, walk in purity, share the gospel boldly, and be deeply rooted in God’s Word. As girls replace lies with the truth, they will see how God’s Word will transform each area of their lives as the truth sets them free!

  • How to Replace Lies with Truth
  • Exposing Lies About God
  • Find Your Identity in Jesus
  • Honor Christ with Your Emotions
  • Resist Temptations with Truth
  • Lies, Guys, and Purity (By Sarah and Andrew Hancock)
  • Gain Boldness in Witnessing (By Josiah and Grace Moffitt)
  • Let Your Light Shine (Chalk Drawing Presentation)


Register online by February 1, 2023 at 8 a.m. to ensure your place at this conference!

registration has closed:

the registration deadline for this event has passed.


Free Admission to Creation Museum


Sarah (Mally) Hancock

Event Cost

Price: $55.00 - $75.00


1 Ark Encounter Way
Williamstown, KY 41097

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