• “The conference gave me a clear perspective on how humanistic the world is today.
    I appreciated Ken’s willingness to interact with us during each session.” - R. Stephenson, FL More Testimonies

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  • August 2015

  • Compass Bible Church

    Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo, CA

    August 8 - 9

    Ken Ham

  • Crossway Baptist Church

    Crossway Baptist Church in Springfield, MO

    August 22 - 23

    Ken Ham, Tommy Mitchell

  • Respuestas en Genesis con Aliento de Vida

    Iglesia Aliento de vida in Corona, NY

    August 28 - 29

    Steve Ham, Joe Owen

  • Vestaburg, MI

    Rock Lake Christian Assembly Camp in Vestaburg, MI

    September 5 - 6

    Bob Gillespie

  • Albany, NY

    City Harvest of Albany in Albany, NY

    September 19 - 20

    Bob Gillespie

  • New Haven, IN

    Martini Lutheran in New Haven, IN

    September 27

    Bob Gillespie

  • Bethel Baptist Church

    Bethel Baptist Church in Hampton, VA

    September 27 - 28

    Terry Mortenson

  • Dayton, TN

    Calvary Baptist Church in Dayton, TN

    October 4

    Bob Gillespie

  • Answers for Pastors: Dealing with Compromise

    Legacy Hall, Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY

    October 20 - 22

  • West Hampden Baptist Church

    West Hampden Baptist Church in Hampden, ME

    October 23 - 25

    Tommy Mitchell

  • Harvest New Beginnings

    Harvest New Beginnings in Oswego, IL

    October 25 - 26

    Ken Ham

  • Westside Baptist Church

    Westside Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL

    January 24 - 25

    Ken Ham, Gary Parker

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