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  • “I have never in 18 years been to a women’s conference that has been so informative and essential to my everyday life and struggles as a woman!”
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Answers for Women—God’s Word in God’s World for God’s Women

Some days, it seems like every where I turn—whether at home or work—I am bombarded with the message that God’s Word cannot and should not be trusted. For example, I recently watched a children’s cartoon video that portrayed humans evolving from apes and religion as a fairytale.

As a wife and mother, I am very aware of the world’s ungodly influences on my family—especially my child. As a scientist specializing in genetics, I have experienced firsthand the prejudices against scientists who dare to trust the history of the universe, earth, and life according to the Bible rather than man’s opinions about the same. As a traveling speaker, I have had countless people relate to me their frustrations with pastors, churches, and writers of Sunday school curriculum that will not stand firmly on the truth of God’s Word—especially when it comes to the first eleven chapters of Genesis.

Since coming to Answers in Genesis several years ago, I have been burdened to bring the message of the authority and trustworthiness of God’s Word to women. The message of biblical authority is for everyone, but some concepts are specific to us as women (wives, mothers, and womanhood) and other concepts need to be presented in a way that women can relate. Does this mean the “milk” of the Word and not “meat”? No! Does this mean a PhD in science or theology is required to understand the presentations? Absolutely not! Does this mean flowers, pastel colors, and tea parties? Not my style.

What it does mean is solid, biblical, “meaty” teaching presented by a woman who knows what women want and also what they need—whether they know it or not! My presentations are balanced treatments of theology, science, practical applications, and personal stories that will make you think, relate, laugh, and understand the importance of making the Bible the foundation for every area of our lives.

Is Biblical authority really an issue?

You’ve seen it yourself: children question (and subsequently leave) the faith of their parents, divorce among Christians is on the rise, and sex outside of marriage has become the norm. For many, the Bible’s teaching on morality bears no relevance to their lives.

A recent poll confirms that something is going wrong with our children. The study found that young people left the church because they questioned the truthfulness of God’s Word (especially as it concerns Genesis 1-11) and that they started questioning in middle school and high school. As a former Christian college professor, I have observed many students who were “already gone” spiritually when they entered as college freshman. They may have been in church physically as a teen, but spiritually they checked out long before college. I have listened to desperate pleas from parents who don’t understand why their grown children are no longer interested in church or God.

There’s clearly a problem with our children—and with our lives as well. I’ve personally experienced the pain of watching Christian friends end their marriage in divorce. And I’ve witnessed the sad reversal and demolition of biblical roles for wives and husbands. What’s happened to our society . . . and to us, as women?

Why is this happening?

To many, the Bible has become an outdated book that has no bearing on our lives. We don’t take it seriously when it talks about marriage, how to raise children, or how we are to behave as followers of Christ. Instead we turn to secular talk shows and books by secular psychologists for advice on how to live. These “authorities” have replaced the Creator’s Book as the foundation for our lives. We’ve abdicated the responsibility of teaching our children to churches, youth groups, TV, movies, the internet, and anyone else willing to do it.

Why don’t people trust God’s Word?

To put it simply, we’ve bought into a lie. A lie that teaches that “science” has shown the Bible can’t be trusted. From school, the media, and the entertainment industry (and sadly, even from some churches and Christian colleges), we’ve been told that the Bible’s account of the past isn’t correct.

  • Did God really create in six days?
  • Were we created in the image of God or the image of apes?
  • Did the Flood of Noah’s day really cover the whole world?
  • Can the Bible explain the origin of the people groups?
  • If there is a loving God, why do bad things happen?

And so we accept that the Bible can’t be true when it talks about marriage, womanhood and manhood, salvation, and morality.

At Answers for Women conferences, I’ll share with you how we can know God’s Word is trustworthy in every area it touches on. I’ll provide the encouragement and tips you need for sharing this truth with your children (including grandchildren or children in church), your co-workers, your friends, and your women’s Bible study group—and applying it to your everyday life. When we understand the truth about where we came from and why things are the way they are, we can better understand and deal with life as is it today.

Be prepared

As Christians, we are called to give answers, “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter 3:15). We need the answers from the Bible about marriage (Genesis 2:24), how the curse on Eve affected our marriage relationships (Genesis 3:16) and how by God’s grace our marriages can be restored. We need the answers from the Bible about the importance of teaching our children about God (Genesis 4:25-26, Deuteronomy 6:1-9) and that the Bible is a book of history not just a book of “stories.” We need the answers from the Bible to properly understand biology, geology, astronomy, anthropology, etc. as it relates to the world of the present and the past (Genesis 1-11). We need the answers from the Bible about why there is death and suffering (Genesis 3:6) and the ultimate redemption offered through Jesus Christ (Genesis 3:15).

Ladies, are you prepared to give an answer for the hope that is in you? Are you prepared to start thinking biblically? Get prepared by hosting or attending an Answers for Women conference near you.

Dr. Georgia Purdom

Dr. Georgia Purdom has a passion to help women understand the importance of biblical authority in their roles as wives and mothers and is an excellent choice to speak to women’s groups. As a wife and mother herself, she has a vested interest in understanding what the Bible beginning in Genesis has to say to women.

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