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  • “I have never in 18 years been to a women’s conference that has been so informative and essential to my everyday life and struggles as a woman!”
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About the Speaker

Georgia Purdom grew up in a strong Christian home in the Midwest and gave her life to Christ at a youth camp when she was eight-years-old. Six years later at a Christian youth conference, she dedicated her life to serving the Lord. The road she traveled in serving God has not been an easy one. In fact, her testimony presentation is called “My Plans, God’s Detours”!

Georgia’s love for science pushed her to pursue a career as a medical doctor. After numerous rejections from medical schools (despite stellar academics), she decided that God was leading her in a different direction. When she graduated from Cedarville University in 1994 her mom suggested she become a teacher. At first she dismissed the idea but later God gradually turned her heart towards teaching—specifically at the college level. In the fall of 1995, Georgia entered the PhD program in Molecular Genetics at the Ohio State University.

Several months later her mom became very ill and died from breast cancer. Georgia and her mom were very close, and her relationship with God faltered as she struggled to understand this seemingly unfair tragedy. Several months later, God brought her future husband and in-laws into her life, and through her mother-in-law’s guidance, her relationship with Christ was restored. Chris and Georgia were married in 1997.

In 2000, Georgia finished her PhD and graduated from OSU. That fall she began her teaching career as a professor at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in northern Ohio. She enjoyed teaching—especially the one-on-one interactions with students helping them grow not only academically but also spiritually.

In 2003, Georgia encountered another detour as she and Chris were told they would be unable to have biological children. Although this news was devastating, her past experiences and trust in God left her hopeful and not hopeless. Chris and Georgia believed that God wanted them to build their family through adoption. In 2005, they traveled to China where they adopted their 13-month-old daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth gave her life to Christ at the age of five and is growing everyday in her knowledge of God and His Word.

During her time as a college professor, the Lord prompted her to find out the truth about the evolution/millions-of-years issue and how it pertained to the hope she had in Christ. The answers she uncovered completely changed the way she viewed God and His Word. In particular, because of her new understanding of the veracity of Genesis, she was finally able to make sense of her mom’s death and her own struggle with infertility. (Georgia chronicles her spiritual journey in greater detail in her testimony presentation, “My Plans, God’s Detours.”)

Through a series of God-ordained events—involving a dinosaur sculptor of all people!—Georgia was invited to interview with Answers in Genesis and was offered a position as a speaker and research scientist. She knew this was what God wanted for her but only if her husband also knew this was what God wanted. When she asked Chris what he thought, he answered, “Well, I don’t want to be like Jonah and have to be swallowed by a big fish to know this is the right thing to do.” Chris has such a great sense of humor! Georgia accepted the position, so she and her family moved to Indiana (near AiG) in 2006. Georgia enjoys the variety of activities that are part of her job—speaking, writing, research, designing museum exhibits, and media interviews. She also enjoys working for a family friendly ministry that gives her the flexibility she needs to fulfill her primary roles of wife and mother. One of Georgia’s greatest desires has been to use her love of God’s Word, family, and science to teach women the importance of making the Bible the foundation for every area in their lives and to provide hope for those who are hurting. See here for a listing of presentations designed specifically for women.

Georgia has written many articles for the AiG website, Answers magazine, and Answers Research Journal, and has coauthored several books. She has presented numerous times at the Creation Museum and other US and Canadian conferences (to both scientific and layperson audiences).

More information

Dr. Georgia Purdom

Dr. Georgia Purdom has a passion to help women understand the importance of biblical authority in their roles as wives and mothers and is an excellent choice to speak to women’s groups. As a wife and mother herself, she has a vested interest in understanding what the Bible beginning in Genesis has to say to women.

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