Who’s Max McLean?

by Michael Matthews on October 20, 2003

Max McLean’s unique gift and ministry is to encourage Christians to saturate their lives in God’s Word, as they listen to a dramatic, unforgettable reading of Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21.

His voice has blessed millions, but few people recognize his name. And that’s as it should be.

Max McLean’s unique gift and ministry is to encourage Christians to saturate their lives in God’s Word, as they listen to a dramatic, unforgettable reading of Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21.

These recordings are not “just another Bible reading.” Max McLean has a unique combination of oratorical skill and passion for God’s Word, which comes through in his recordings. He has a true gift—but you can decide for yourself.

Max himself used to be skeptical about giving dramatic readings of the Bible. A trained actor, he gave up theater after becoming a Christian, and went to seminary. But while in seminary, a professor encouraged him to consider using his talent for getting out God’s Word. At first he was skeptical. He says,

“Many people’s reaction to the idea of listening to someone quote the Bible is often skeptical. Is this going to be boring? What will I get out of this? … At worst there is a fear that a dramatic interpretation might be disrespectful or trivialize the Bible in some way.”1

But Max started to see the Bible’s power as a spoken word, and “learned to trust the Bible’s ability to speak.”

Hear the whole Bible in a year … or on any schedule you choose

Max McLean’s acclaimed Bible readings (see reviews below) are now available on AiG’s website for free (or you can purchase them on CD, audiotape or MP3, if you prefer). Just click “Daily audio Bible” on our front page.

Commit less than 15 minutes each day, and you can finish the Bible in one year!

Or try Max’s “15n15” plan: 15 minutes, 5 days each week, and finish in 15 months.

Or personalize your listening schedule: start anywhere, set up any timetable, and then your settings will appear on future visits to our website!

Why choose Max?

If you give these Bible readings a try, you’ll see why so many people are listening in.

Max has a unique voice … and an amazing story. English is not even his native tongue. A native of Panama, he emigrated to the United States as a child. Terrified by public speaking, he forced himself to take oral interpretation in college.

He then trained to be an actor, later performing in major venues, such as Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum. But after becoming a Christian, he left theater and eventually started his own nonprofit ministry, Fellowship for the Performing Arts (FPA).

FPA’s mission is to “encourage men, women and children to spend more time in the Word of God in order to draw closer to the God of the Bible. We believe that presenting the Bible in an engaging and inspiring manner is our most important contribution to the body of Christ.”

In addition to his recordings, Max has presented one-man dramatic presentations of the Bible in churches and theaters worldwide. His radio program, Listen to the Bible, is heard daily on over 650 radio affiliates.

What are people saying?

In addition to rave reviews by Christian leaders, even the secular press has taken notice of Max’s unique presentation of God’s Word.

“Max McLean has complete command …” —Anita Gates, The New York Times

“McLean offers a clarion voice, precise enunciation, and a storyteller’s instinct for the dramatic moment … more compelling than watching a thousand extras raise the dust in a battle scene.” —Richard Christiansen, Chicago Tribune

“A masterful tale-spinner” —Jonathan Aberbanel, Chicago Sun-Times2

“This is a powerful recording. McLean presents … living history. Real people are speaking about real events. … Above all, this is not an academic or reflective reading. McLean’s voice is clear and present. He conveys excitement and conviction, which sweeps the listener into the heart of the word of God.” —AudioFile Magazine3

“These are the most engaging recordings of the Bible I have ever heard. If you look in my car’s CD player you will find Max McLean’s Bible CDs. I use them to help me to memorize scripture.” —Hank Hanegraaff, president, Christian Research Institute

“He speaks in a way that’s easy to listen to but not overly dramatic. Max McLean keeps your attention without detracting from God’s Word itself. I’m thrilled with this exciting opportunity for us to proclaim the Word of God throughout the culture and the world.” —Ken Ham, CEO/president, AiG-US

We invite you to visit AiG’s website every day, and saturate your mind with God’s Word. Choose any plan that is practical for you. But make it a pattern—start your day with refreshment from God’s Word, or listen during your morning coffee break, or take time during your lunch hour or in the evening.

It’s a practical way to spend more time in God’s authoritative, life-giving Word.


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