Feeding Your Pastor at an Answers in Genesis Conference

“Answers for Pastors—Always Equipped, Never Ashamed,” September 21–23


Your pastor can be blessed and edified by learning from some of the world’s leading apologetics speakers at our first national pastors’ conference on September 21–23.

Have you ever thought about how your own pastor needs to be spiritually fed? He gives so much of himself in preparing his Sunday message (and then delivering it), all to feed you and the rest of the flock. Also, your pastor is continually dealing with the concerns and problems of the people in the church. Most congregations simply really don’t realize that their pastor needs to be refreshed and equipped himself.

We have a remedy.

Your pastor can be blessed and edified by learning from some of the world’s leading apologetics speakers, including Ken Ham and Dr. John Whitcomb (of The Genesis Flood fame) at our first national pastors’ conference, Answers for Pastors—Always Equipped, Never Ashamed, September 21–23. To be held here in our Cincinnati/N. Kentucky area (and near the Creation Museum) this September, our special conference promises to feature a great time of Bible teaching and encouragement for your pastor.

Not only that, we want your pastor’s wife to attend and be refreshed. Accordingly, we will have some special sessions designed especially for her. Both husband and wife will benefit from learning from some excellent Bible-affirming teachers, plus enjoy the wonderful opportunity to visit the popular Creation Museum nearby.

Answers for Pastors features a low registration fee for full-time pastors; the wife attends at half price, and she will join her husband at many of the main teaching sessions. Registration includes complimentary admission to the Creation Museum 15 minutes away. Also, each registration will benefit by receiving two complimentary books: Ken Ham’s co-authored book Already Gone and Dr. Jason Lisle’s The Ultimate Proof. These books will be essential follow-ups to the teaching presented at Answers for Pastors (two books per church).

Current Registration Fee

The three-day conference, September 21–23 (Tuesday–Thursday), has an early-bird registration of only $129 per pastor; wives accompanying their husbands pay only $60. Up to three additional registrants in leadership at the same church (e.g., another pastor) can attend at the $60 reduced rate (and also tour the museum). After May 31, the cost goes up to $159 and $80 respectively.

This pastors’ conference is less expensive than some comparable national pastors’ meetings, plus pastors benefit by receiving free admission to the museum and two complimentary books. The seminar will be held right off Interstate 75 (the busiest north/south interstate in America) at Lakeside Christian Church, Lakeside Park, in northern Kentucky (just south of Cincinnati).

Registration information and a list of bargain hotels can be found at www.AnswersForPastors.org. The major Cincinnati Airport is only a few minutes away from both the conference facility and the Creation Museum; both venues are only about a day’s drive of almost two-thirds of the U.S. population.

The valuable Bible teaching—at a great low cost—will feature internationally recognized apologetics speakers Dr. John Whitcomb (co-author of the monumental book The Genesis Flood, which birthed the creationist movement in the 1960s), AiG President Ken Ham, Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Terry Mortenson, and other excellent speakers. Dr. Georgia Purdom will give talks to the pastors’ wives.

Dr. Whitcomb and the late Dr. Henry Morris are acknowledged as the co-founders of the modern creationist movement. Dr. Whitcomb has written several books on theology and apologetics and is an excellent communicator—and a fine Christian gentleman. We believe pastors will also enjoy getting to fellowship with this wonderful man of God and Christian pioneer, plus meeting fellow pastors.

“Date Night” in the Museum

On Wednesday, after a tour of the museum in the afternoon, pastors and their wives have a “date” option of staying late at the museum. For just $70 per couple, they will be treated to a gourmet dinner, a musical concert, and a complimentary photo.

Answers for Pastors—Always Equipped, Never Ashamed is a conference not to be missed by your pastor! Share this article with him on Sunday—or use the ShareThis button at the top of the page—and then urge him to register right away to take advantage of the early-bird discount!


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