Park Staff to Visit Creation Museum


The Courier-Journal: “Park staff will visit Creation Museum

Our Creation Museum will be welcoming naturalists from Kentucky state parks, reports Louisville’s Courier-Journal. The trip was prompted by state park visitors’ challenges to park naturalists about the Creation Museum’s presentation (i.e., the Bible’s presentation) of natural history. The newspaper reminds us, tongue-in-cheek, that there might be “millions of years of difference between what a tourist is told one day at the museum and the next day at a state park.”

We sincerely hope these visitors—and all other visitors—have a pleasant experience at the Creation Museum.

Carey Tichenor, chief naturalist in the Kentucky Department of Parks, explains that “the park naturalists do not want to try to dissuade park visitors from their religious beliefs”:

“We will tell the person if they want to believe what they saw at the Creation Museum that's fine and good,” he said. “And then we explain to them why we are saying what we say at the park—which is interpreting the scientific evidence produced for the site.”

Despite some Kentucky naturalists’ pessimism (“You have to experience it firsthand to see how impressively bad the science is,” according to Kentucky Paleontological Society president Daniel Phelps, who reviewed the museum shortly after its opening—see A science center’s not-so-scientific critique of the Creation Museum. And as AiG CCO Mark Looy points out, Phelps “misses the point ... that the museum goes deeper than arm-wrestling about the ‘evidences’ for evolution or creation; instead, it forces guests to consider the foundations of how science is done, including the biases and presuppositions all of us hold when we look at such a controversial topic in today’s culture wars.”), we sincerely hope these visitors—and all other visitors—have a pleasant experience at the Creation Museum that encourages them to critically analyze their interpretations of science—and perhaps challenges their worldview. Furthermore, we are excited and thankful that the Creation Museum is starting to have an effect not only in visitors’ hearts and minds, but in the broader culture as well. We pray that Creation Museum visitors and our supporters (the two groups do overlap somewhat, we acknowledge!) continue to spread the word (and the Word) in our culture, raising awareness to the presuppositions behind the theory of evolution and the worldview of humanism.

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