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Are you one the many who love Answers magazine? Or have you heard about the magazine, but haven’t yet tried it yourself?

Nearly 70,000 subscribers enjoy each new volume of the award-winning Answers magazine. Every family-friendly issue is packed with fascinating articles, stunning photos, and informative illustrations that reveal the latest creation science news while equipping you for the culture war in society today. There’s even a pull-out kids section and a detachable chart in every issue.

Are you one of the many who love Answers magazine? Or have you heard about the magazine but haven’t yet tried it yourself? How would you like to be able to:

  • Read Answers magazine—just as it looks in the print edition—from any computer connected to the Internet?
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If so, you’ll want to take advantage of this limited-time offer to view the all-new Answers magazine digital edition. We’ve placed the entire “Creation Vacations” issue online in the special new digital edition format. And it’s risk-free—this sample won’t cost you anything!

For a limited time only, get free access to the digital edition of Answers 4(2) (the vacation issue). After completing a short form, you’ll have full access to the digital edition. Shortly thereafter, you may be contacted and asked to complete a survey. (We will use the results to help us make the ongoing digital edition of Answers magazine the best it can be.) At no point will there be any charge for the sample, or any further obligation. And you don’t have to give us any credit card information for the free issue.

If you like what you see, you will be able to preorder the new digital edition beginning with the July–September issue or add the digital edition to your normal subscription when you renew.

Act now! This limited-time offer ends October 31, when free access to Answers 4(2) (the “Creation Vacations” digital edition) expires.


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