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  • Media Misrepresentations Mount
    Jan. 17, 2011

    The two major newspapers in our state have been quite hostile toward the Ark Encounter and its goal of bringing parts of the Bible to life and presenting these biblical events as true history.

  • More Misrepresentation of Ark Encounter
    Jan. 8, 2011 from News to Know

    Is the Ark Encounter—the forthcoming Noah’s Ark-centered “edutainment” theme park—a “boondoggle” and an “embarrassment”? Apparently so, if one is asking the editors of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and several other newspapers that have recently printed anti-Ark editorials.

  • How Can We Partner with Answers in Genesis on the Ark Encounter Project?
    Dec. 27, 2010 from Letter from Ken

    As we have had so many adults and young people visit, we asked ourselves: “How can we make an even greater impact? Is there something else God would be leading us to do?”

  • Ark Encounter Surrounded by Debate
    Dec. 11, 2010

    The media has provided ongoing coverage of Ark Encounter, the new project co-sponsored by Answers in Genesis. And—no surprise—the project is increasingly surrounded by debate.

  • Feedback Article
    Taxpayers Will Not Be Paying to Build the Ark Encounter
    Dec. 10, 2010 from Feedback

    It’s regrettable that some journalists, intentionally or not, have left readers and viewers with a totally wrong impression about the state’s involvement with the Ark Encounter.

  • Ark Encounter on ABC–TV News . . . Tonight?
    Dec. 7, 2010

    The Ark Encounter is scheduled to be featured on ABC–TV’s newscast sometime soon, possibly tonight.

  • Media Mania
    Dec. 6, 2010

    As God has blessed the Answers in Genesis ministry, we have been encouraged to see a tremendous amount of media coverage highlighting the biblical truths AiG proclaims through various outreaches.

  • Ark Encounter on ABC–TV News Will Not Air Tonight
    Dec. 6, 2010

    The Ark Encounter will be featured on ABC–TV’s newscast sometime soon.

  • Creation Museum Partners with Ark Encoutner LCC
    Dec. 4, 2010

    In case you haven’t heard, Answers in Genesis is partnering with Ark Encounter LLC to build what might be called the Creation Museum’s sibling: a $150 million Noah’s Ark-themed experience also to be located in northern Kentucky.

  • Has Noah’s Ark Been Found in Kentucky?
    Dec. 3, 2010

    With this article, I’m thrilled to be announcing the start of an incredible project.

  • Ark Attraction Attracts Major Media
    Dec. 2, 2010

    Yesterday’s announcement by Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky that Answers in Genesis and the Ark Encounter, LLC will build a full-scale Noah's Ark in northern Kentucky drew wide media attention.

  • News Release: Ark Encounter (12/1/2010)
    Dec. 1, 2010

    Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear today joined the Ark Encounter LLC to announce the planned construction of a full-scale Noah’s Ark tourist attraction in northern Kentucky.

  • Noah's Ark, Hong Kong Style
    April 18, 2009 from News to Know

    We were deluged with media tips this week about the Wall Street Journal’s front-page coverage of a Noah’s Ark replica.


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