Kids Feedback: Stealing or God-Given Right?

by Bodie Hodge on August 4, 2021

If God said that we shall not steal, then why does God tell people in the Bible to take certain things?

With regards to God he created everything and owns everything. Even the things we own, are technically his that he has entrusted to us for a time as temporary owners. Even our own souls belong to God. So God can do whatever he wants with his things. But God is a perfectly good God and to be more precise, he is actually the very standard of good.

I’ll use the Canaanites as an example. The Canaanites were given a certain amount of land after the Flood and the Tower of Babel. The Canaanites were several groups of people who were descendants of Canaan, who was one of Noah’s grandson. They Canaanites began hating God and sinning against him being violent and doing terrible things. So God took away their land and gave it to the Israelites. Because the land was actually God’s, he is allowed to do that.

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