The Schus Are Off on an Exploration of God’s Creation . . . But to Where?

by Avery Schu on September 21, 2022

Hey there, Creation Explorer!

We just returned from an exciting exploration of a beautiful part of God’s creation (it’s probably our favorite place we’ve ever been!). And we can’t wait to share it with you! Be sure to stay tuned to this blog for the announcement of a release date for this adventure.

Where did we go?

But where did we go? Well, we think it would be fun to share some photos from this trip, as well as some clues, to see if you can guess. In our blog announcing the release date for the episode, we’ll let you know where we went—see if you can get it right!

Here are a few of the photos we took:

  • Avery and Trevor near rocks

    Trevor and me near some big rocks!

  • Kids playing on beach

    The kids playing on beach.

  • Felicity and shells

    Felicity and shells.

  • Gilbert

    Happy Gilbert!

  • Lois in a block house

    Lois in a block house.

  • Winston and Avery

    Winston and me.

Now for the Clues

Clue #1: We saw a 35-foot-long whale.

Clue #2: We saw the tides change as much as the height of a 3-story building.

Clue #3: We saw dozens of “Caution: Moose” signs and miles (or should I say, kilometers) of moose fence.

Clue #4: We had to change our clocks forward an hour.

Okay, what area do you think we went to? We’d love to hear your guesses! Ask your parents to help you send your guess to Or you can always ask for more clues if you need them. We’d love to hear from you!

Well, we’re off on another adventure. Until next time let’s rejoice in our amazing Creator who made so many beautiful things but, more than that, who “gives to all mankind life and breath and everything” (Acts 17:25).