The Resilient “Ruth”

by Kyle Morris on August 31, 2023

Welcome back, Dinosaur Explorers! This month we’ll be keeping things short and simple.

Welcome back, Dinosaur Explorers! It’s been a dino-tastic summer so far, and I’m here to tell you about my greatest dinosaur adventure yet. So, buckle up, because we’re on our way to Big Sky Country, a beloved nickname for . . . you guessed it, Montana!

US Map showing Montana

Montana is in the United States
TUBS, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Earlier this summer, I was once again able to return to the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum (GDFM). However, this time I would be doing something I had never done before—something BIG!

Yellowstone River

Pterosaur's eye view of the Yellowstone River

Remember last year when I was out on a ranch and was able to see a partially eroded Torosaurus frill? That ranch is called the Baisch Ranch and is owned by the Baisch family. Thousands of fossilized dinosaur bones have been found here, as well as fossils of crocodilians, turtles, fish, and plants. A bone here and there is relatively common in eastern Montana, but do you know what isn’t? Skeletons! Now while a 100% complete dinosaur skeleton has never been found, fairly complete skeletons, including one of a 95% complete subadult Allosaurus named “Big Al,” have been found.


Artists rendering of Edmontosaurus

Recently on this same ranch, a partially complete skeleton of a hadrosaur was found. If you remember, hadrosaurs are the dinosaurs we often call duck-billed due to some of their mouths resembling the bills of ducks. However, this wasn’t just any hadrosaur: this was the famous Edmontosaurus. It was stumbled upon by a microscopist looking for dinosaur bones in order to probe them for soft tissue, like blood vessels. After realizing what he had found, he decided to name the animal “Ruth” after his wife.

Sometime later, the GDFM purchased the skeleton from the Baisch family and invited me out to help unearth the specimen in the hope of one day putting it on display. Though I was only able to come out west for a week, in that time we got a LOT done. So come along with me on this three-part adventure as we unearth the “Resilient Ruth”—and remember to give God all the glory for these amazing reptiles!

P.S. Here’s a sneak peek of Ruth’s dig site, which we’ll explore next time!

Ruth's dig site

Ruth's dig site

Come back next time to hear more about my Adventures in the World of Dinosaurs!