Nagy Iskander

Photo courtesy of the Iskanders

on January 2, 2018

Dr. Nagy Iskander is a retired surgeon who is originally from Egypt and is now living in Scotland. Dr. Iskander, whose first language is Arabic, has a heart for reaching the 350 million Arabic-speaking people worldwide with the message of the gospel. To do this, he produces Arabic language TV programming including a 40-minute program called Creation Answers and short 3–5 minute videos in a series called The Beginning. These programs help people understand that the Bible is true when it talks about our origins and our history, and therefore that the gospel is true when it talks about salvation.

Dr. Iskander visited the Ark Encounter in Kentucky and filmed five hours of content in Arabic, answering people’s questions about the Flood and Noah’s Ark. He also runs an evangelistic apologetics website and speaks around the world, particularly in the Middle East, on apologetics. He says that preaching the gospel, starting in Genesis, is a great way to reach Arabic-speaking people with the message of the gospel.

Dr. Iskander also has a passion for reaching people in Scotland with the gospel. He started the JAM (Jesus and Me) Trust which shares the gospel and Bible teaching with children. He has also taught adult Bible studies to help people learn about God’s Word and to answer their questions.

Fun Facts about Dr. Iskander

  • His wife, Nashwa, was a pediatrician (a children’s doctor).
  • Iskander is Alexander in English.

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